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USA Has Put Europe In A Tough Spot On Iran

British Nuclear Expert Says U.S. Has Put Europe In A Tough Spot On Iran, NPR, July 2, 2019 Heard on All Things Considered

RICHARD DALTON: The Europeans have been put in a position where, after more than a year of patience by Iran, it’s inevitable that they won’t be the only country observing the agreement in full. They are bound to negotiate to try and improve the position in which the United States has left them. But the trouble is that the United States is not showing any interest in putting forward terms that would be negotiable. Iran would, for example, go back into compliance if some of the restrictions on its sale of oil were permitted, thus allowing the Europeans to put more funds into the special purpose vehicle which they’ve put in place to facilitate trade in humanitarian goods.  …………
DALTON: Well, most British companies that were interested in trading with Iran are now no longer interested in doing so. There are some maintaining their links in the hope of profitable deals in future when the situation improves. What is needed now is a diplomatic effort involving not just the European Union but also the United States to take some of the heat out of the situation and set the stage for meeting some of the United States’ long term objectives for its diplomacy with Iran.

CORNISH: You used the term bully earlier in talking about the U.S. effort when it comes to Iran. Do you see this as a test of European power, whether it’s strong enough to oppose the U.S. and enforce this deal?

DALTON: European companies and the European Union recognize that the dominance of the dollar in international trading gives the United States very considerable power. And I believe that the Iran episode is going to be a turning point. It will show Russia, China, India, the European Union the value of building up alternative mechanisms for concluding international trade that do not use the dollar in any shape or form.

So I think the United States is set maybe to use their excessive power on this occasion but, over the long term, to lose power.  ……

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