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G-20: Trump Deeply Disgraces and Damages the USA with his Fawning Bromance with Putin; Trump Again Refuses to Reveal Discussions with Putin — Mining Awareness +

“Trump deeply disgraces & damages our nation in his fawning bromance with Putin—an engraved invitation to Russian military agents reving up their 2020 machine for hacking, disinformation, deceptive social media & newer weapons of sabotage” (US Senator Blumenthal, 28 June 2019) From US Senator Reed: “Reed: Instead of Joking About Russian Interference in U.S. Elections, […]

via G-20: Trump Deeply Disgraces and Damages the USA with his Fawning Bromance with Putin; Trump Again Refuses to Reveal Discussions with Putin — Mining Awareness +

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  1. Trump is a serial rapist. 10 women have come forward with their includong someone who was underage. Trump is a pedophile. A 325 pound, barely literate, psychopathic sadist.

    That the two ugly old psychopaths in congress, refuse to impeach it, shows america is a plutocracy. Not a democracy. Worse than any communist or socialist state.
    They put children in concentration camps to be ruined . The children will be sold into foster Republican homes, by their sexual abusing jailers to be further sexually abused by republican pedophiles like this

    The children will all be ruined. They will end up in the largest gulag that has ever existed on earth. A proson gulag system of 3.2 million and a justice system where 2 million, are in jail and on probation at any time for misdemeanors. People outside of this rotting cesspool, do not get it.They spend trillions on nuclear bombs after having detonated hundreds of nuclea bombs on americans. Homelessness exploding while americans and their children, choke on radiation poison. All this evil sonof a bastard can talk about is attacking iran and using nuclear weapon. This shit encourages radionuclide saturated food to be foisted on the world.

    1.Carroll described Trump shoving her against the wall of a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room and forcing his penis inside her.

    She was a 52-year-old former Miss Cheerleader USA

    Trump has also been accused of attacking an underaged girl . Thats called Pedophilia.”

    2.—Stephen Bratton Has Been a Solid supporter of Donald Trump. Bratton Says Trumps is a standup Guy Like you do. Bratton Said Trump is an outstanding family Man who Represents the afamily Values Bratton Endorses
    Stephen Bratton, who resigned from Grace Family Baptist Church in Cypress Station last month, was charged Friday with continuous sexual abuse of a child, Senior Deputy Thomas Gilliland said Saturday. The 43-year-old is accused of inappropriate touching that escalated to “sexual intercourse multiple times a day or several times a week” from 2013 to 2015, Gilliland said.
    Bratton seemed to have a keen interest in controlling women’s bodies and their health care. Because, of course he did.
    Bratton has been an outspoken pro-life advocate, making national news recently for supporting a failed bill that would have made it possible to criminally charge women who terminate their pregnancies.
    Bratton didn’t merely want to prosecute women for abortion, he supported a bill that have made abortion a capital felony and could even carry the death penalty for women. ”

    3. There are hundreds of cases of Child Sexual Abuse Charges Filed against the DHS guards that watch the children at the concentration camps, since Trump has been in power and they have gotten worse

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