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Nuclear news this week

Teetering about on the edge of nuclear war –  that seems to be Donald Trump’s favoured position for the world. Or is it just that he is determined to be the dramatic centre of attention at all times? Trump has just threatened Iran with ‘obliteration’, (hardly something designed to give the Iranians confidence about peaceful negotiation). Meanwhile Trump  received a “beautiful” letter from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, who in turn received an “excellent” letter from Trump, although actual negotiations between USA and North Korea are at a standstill.  It would be funny, if it were not so serious.

A bit of good news:  ‘Projects For Good’ – This Ingenious Website Makes it Easier to Change the World

The Middle East presents a dangerous nexus of nuclear reactors and violence: military action is still an option. “It’s absolutely essential to avoid any form of escalation in the Gulf” – UN Secretary-General Antonio GuterresWorld’s nuclear weapons – fewer in number, but not safer.

Nuclear power to solve climate change? Too many sound reasons against it.

Researchers Find Radioactive Particles from Fukushima or other Nuclear Disasters Could Stay in Environment, Human Lungs for Decades.

The world’s societies on the brink of unmanageable climate chaos. Worrying feedback loop between damaged ozone layer and climate change.

ASIA. Devastating future for Himalayan region, as melting of glaciers has doubled since year 2000.

ARCTIC. Nuclear wastes and other poisons are being released by melting Arctic ice.


SAUDI ARABIA. Fears that a nuclear Saudi Arabia will destabise the region. Trump’s secret support.  UN Investigator: ‘Credible Evidence’ Ties Saudi Crown Prince, Khashoggi Death.

IRAN. Iran has NO nuclear weapons program.

ISRAEL.    Israel’s Secretive Nuclear Facility Leaking as Watchdog Finds Israel Has Nearly 100 Nukes-.  Israel’s Netanyahu ramps up the rhetoric against Iran. Pre-emptive Nuclear War: The Role of Israel in Triggering an Attack on Iran.  Concerns about the safety of Israel’s aging Dimona nuclear reactor.

RUSSIA. The worrying secrecy of Russia about the true state of its nuclear wastes. Nuclear company Rosatom on a drive to sell nuclear technology overseas.  Russia’s nuclear weapons and the religious connection.  Russian officials warn on terrorists’ plans to steal nuclear weapons.

JAPAN.  Hundreds of evacuees and their children continue to suffer from effects of Fukushima nuclear meltdown.  No Damages To Nuclear Power Plants Reported After Earthquake In Japan – Trade Ministry.  First 3 Days of 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Race Route Thru Fukushima.

UK. Danger of nuclear bomb convoys in Scotland Sizewell nuclear budget meltdown could hit taxpayers under EDF proposals.  High costs of Britain’s nuclear submarine graveyards.

FRANCE. France wants EDF to sell more nuclear power to rivals, price could increase.  France’s EDF struggling with the costs of fixing ever-delayed Flamanville EPR nuclear project.   To comply with Paris climate agreement, France could switch to 100% renewables.

GERMANY. German climate activists storm open cut coal mine.

CHINA. China’s new solar thermal power plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 350,000 metric tonnes yearly.

SWEDEN. Sweden says two aging nu Veteran of Chernobyl nuclear clean-up: HBO TV episode was very accurateclear reactors safe to run till 2028.

UKRAINE.  Latest Chernobyl Shelter Implementation Plan operating this year, at cost of nearly £2billion   Secret military facility near Chernobyl nuclear site. Veteran of Chernobyl nuclear clean-up: HBO TV episode was very accurate.

INDIA. Why India’s Hypersonic Missile Could Trigger A Nuclear War.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. No justice for Marshall islands, with rising seas and nuclear trash.

NEPAL. CT scan service shut following radiation leak.

AUSTRALIA. Australians are more likely to be scared about the costs of nuclear power, than about the Chernobyl miniseries.


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  1. You did an amazing job with this summary! I think that cesium staying in the lungs that long, as the study discusses, is indeed new news, whereas we knew that some other things, like plutonium, stayed a long time. I wanted to reblog but the reblog button appears stuck, today.

    Comment by miningawareness | June 25, 2019 | Reply

    • Thank you. It is lovely to get this encouraging feedback.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 26, 2019 | Reply

      • You have always done an amazing job, and made me struggle with jealousy. But with time you are better and better, even as the challenges are greater. I guess now you are what the French used to call Doctorat d’Etat in all things nuclear, which is a doctorate that takes a minimum of 10 or 11 years to complete and which is in many volumes. Maybe I’m the new short doctorate of 3e cycle.

        Comment by miningawareness | June 26, 2019

      • Ha ha – jealousy? What nonsense!. But I do think that we combine well. Whereas I am inclined to skim over the top of the news of events going on, your own work examines them in depth, in a way that is admirable!

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 26, 2019

      • Thanks! 🙂 But, your summaries reflect the many years of reading and study and many more of concern. A whole lifetime of commitment.

        Comment by miningawareness | June 27, 2019

  2. Hurricane, climate change, and nuclear unpreparedness.

    A friend went to an annual Hurricane EduCation Day at his local Parish fairgrounds, sponsored by THE Local Walmart. He said they had storm window displays. A public health table. Free hot dogs. Gave away a Tv. Fire Dept there. How to evacuate alzeimers people and more.The parish has refineries and gambling.

    It is a town in Louisiana that is the parish seat with 38,000 people. It is in one the most flood prone and dangerous hurricane area. It has only 3 fulltime fireman and 1 flood rescue boat. Other towns taht size have twice that many fulltime fireman but their govt funding is cut back.

    Their greatest achievement since the last hurricane has been to get “In God we trust” inscribed on all 3 of the fire engines they have, in a large parish, where three towns have been destroyed by flooding this year populated by climate denialists who said god and the president said it would be okay to stay even though many are homeless from flooding and can never rebuild after 10 continupus years of flood rebuilding

    They did have free hot dogs and cheap chips!

    I told my friend to ask them about the nuclear power plant close to their town and, about Chagas the evening before he went.

    He said he talked to a 21 yo girl at public health table. She said she knows chagas is epidemic in the united states . My friend said her older boss stepped over and said she could not talk about that.

    There was a question and answer about refineries and how to evacuate for the next hurricane. My friend asked about nuclear power plants. They said there was bo risk to them.

    He pressed it.
    The local cops at the hurricane expo encouraged him to press the question of nuclear plants and hurricanes. The hurricane man from DHS got irritated at my friend and had him escorted him out of the pavillion by DHS guys

    that is the REAL America now

    New Orleans has only 6 flood rescue boats.

    America is Dying Faster Than You Know it Is.

    They are gutting public education, social services, public libraries and even fire departments.

    Climate change is ravaging america with floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. Hundreds of thousands of climate refugees. Competition for housing is destroying many people. Stagnant wages.

    There is little affordable housing . Trump and congress are spending trillions on Tactical nuclear weapons new ICBM systems, and star wars. They are spending 100s of billions on cyber warfare and intelligence agencies..

    Comment by ken | June 25, 2019 | Reply

  3. Environmentally Induced Female-Reproductive-System, Related Illnesses
    There have  been precipitous increases, in the incidences of womens reproductive-related, diseases and syndromes,  in the past 50 years, in America.  All of these womens-diseases and syndromes  Have Increased.
    1. Uterine fibroids
    2. Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
    3. Endometriosis
    4. Ovarian cysts
    5. Preclampsia
    6. Dysmenorhea

    The diseases and syndromes, all involve reproductive issues. They all affect a womans ability to have children. They are all debilitiating in some way. They are painful. They can lead to much more serious complications.

    The medical establishment will not come out and say that these diseases, are related to Environmental health issues . Issues like the large increases of estrogenic chemicals in the environment, from the petroleum and chemical industries.  Chemicals that surround us in our homes , clothes,  cars and food. Chemicals that are in plastics and synthetics. Chemical that are in everyday goods and in food packaging. The chemicals are everywhere.
    The establishment will not talk about the toxic chemicals and radionuclides, that now flood our environment. Chemicals and isotopes that are highly  Toxic, in very small amounts.  Chemicals and elements, that cause Drastic Physiological Changes in women’s bodies. These highly potent chemicals, pesticides, and radionuclides cause hormonal disruptions, in the delicate balance, of female reproductive systems.

    The worst chemical toxins like, Dioxins, Pthalales, Pesticides are teratogenic and can be mutagenic, as well as hormone disruptors.
    By far and a cry ahead of the chemical poisons are the radionuclides, that are mutagenic . Radionuclides can cause heritable conditions. Radionuclides disrupt physiological process in very small amounts. They alone could be accountable, for the exponential increases in uterine fibroids, in the past 50 years.

    Uterine fibroids are painful. Quite often doctors perform hysterectomies, because of them.
    Here is an example of  what the medical establishment calls environmental factors for Uterine Fibroids “Environmental factors: Uterine infections, menstruation at an early age, high blood pressure, usage of birth control pills, obesity, vitamin D deficiency, a diet high in red meat but lower in green vegetables, fruit and dairy, and alcohol intake (mainly beer)”

    The medical system in America,  blames the victims of uterine fibroids and, other female reproductive illneses.  The American medical establishment says these illneses are  from bad lifestyle choices, poor genes, or ethnicity. They study certain asian populations and south american populations, that happen to have less pollution and radionuclides, in the environment. They find that these demographies and ethnicities have lower incidence, of female reproductive illneses. Illneses like uterine fibroids. The American Medical establishment will never attribute exposure to Chemicals and Radionuclides as primary causes or, even a minimum cause, in the divergence in American and other populations.

    It is odd to me, that the scientists who study radionuclide effects,  have many  studies that document decreases in male sperm count. Studies  of male fertility and viability from radiation and radionuclides, that show direct effects.  The scientists will say that male human sperm-count is declining precipitously, in males in industrial countries. Industrial countries like China and America.

    The medical establishment and researchers, will not address environmental exposure issues, involving female reproductive illness and disease.
    It is well known in scientific communities, that hormone-disruptors and other potent toxins affect womens reproductive health and related reproductive health issues. The science communities and medical communities choose to ignore them.

    Comment by Ken | June 25, 2019 | Reply

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