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Former US NRC Commissioner Merrifield Registered as Foreign Agent (FARA) for Saudi Nuclear — Mining Awareness +

According to the NRC: “Jeff Merrifield, Partner and Energy Section leader at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, is a former presidential appointee to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, who identifies strategic and legal solutions for major energy and environmental issues. Jeff utilizes the wide range of experience he has gained over the last 30 years, having worked […]

via Former US NRC Commissioner Merrifield Registered as Foreign Agent (FARA) for Saudi Nuclear — Mining Awareness +

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  1. I highly respect Mining Awareness. I appreciate the hard work.
    America is an auroritarian military and nuclear state. They do not even pretend to have democracy, in america anymore. The controlled-opposition democrats and their Chickenshit-evil leaders, refuse to impeach this monster. This monster and criminal is setting America toward certain nuclear catastrophe, more war, probable nuclear war the the worst possible nuclear contamination of america. That is, as if it could be any worse.

    The criminal is taking massive kickbacks to nuclearize a brutal, mideast regime. A murderous brutal regime, that would use nukes and has no need for nuclear reactors.
    The right wing, neoliberal-imperial democrats, pelosi and schumer are spouting the worst propaganda lies against
    china. They are cranking it up with Pompeo and Bolton. Beating the drums loudly . They saber ratting against china for war.
    China is sn ally of iran and venezuela. Pelosi and Bolton are doing exactly the same thing they did with Bush2. They enabled Bush2 to genocide afghanistan and iraq. The chickenshit democrats, refused to impeach Bush2 and he destroyed the american economy. Bus 2 instituted the patriot act . He set the stage for obama and trump. They are doing the same thing with this monster. No democracy in america.

    Comment by Teri Harper | June 17, 2019 | Reply

    • Possibly Nancy Pelosi has a longer term strategy aimed at gaoling Trump – a better result than impeachment?

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | June 17, 2019 | Reply

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