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Record viewing of HBO miniseries “Chernobyl”

CHERNOBYL Official Trailer 

Sky 2nd June 2019 , Without fanfare, Chernobyl has become unmissable TV. The Sky Atlantic show,
which concludes on Tuesday, is harrowing and unrelentingly bleak, with some
complicated science to get to grips with.

It is also a western-made drama about a disaster that occurred in the Soviet Union more than 30 years ago,
of which details such as the number of deaths are still debated. There was
much that could go wrong. And ultimately, we know how the story pans out.

But seemingly from nowhere, this five-part mini-series is now the show that
everyone is talking about. (Sorry, Game Of Thrones). After just three
episodes, Chernobyl topped film and TV database IMDB’s list of the greatest
250 TV shows of all time. It currently has a score of 9.7, based on more
than 96,000 votes. Fan-voted charts obviously have their problems and are
by no means definitive, but it is still quite an accolade for a drama
series just four weeks and four episodes old.

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