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The Olympics, Fukushima and Chernobyl and The Art of the Cover-up

Fukushima and Chernobyl: The Art of the Cover-up

Capitalism, Fukushima, Creative Reconstruction & The History Of Olympics   by Labor Video Project Monday May 27th, 2019  

Professor George Wright discusses the history of the Olympics and how privatization and control by the corporations of the world have led to in allowing the Olympics going to Japan and the contaminated Fukushima. The three broken nuclear reactors still have melted nuclear rods which must be cooled with water. He discusses the systemic corruption of the Olympic Committee and how it is now ignored the safety of the athletes and the public.

Capitalism, Fukushima, Creative Reconstruction & The History Of Olympics with Professor George Wright
The Japanese Prime Minister Abe with the support of the Internatonal Olympics Committee is planning to have the 2020 Olympics in Japan with the baseball games and para-olympics taking place in Fukushima.Professor George Wright looks at the history of Olympics and how the commericalization for profit of the Olympics has led to the Olympics Committee approving the having part of the 2020 Olympics in the still contaminated Fukushima. He talks about “created reconstrucation” and how Olympics are driven by political and corporate agendas.

Although Prime Minister Abe has told the Olympic Committee that Fukushima has been “decontaminated” the melted nuclear rods have still not been removed from the broken reactors and there is over one million tons of radioactive water in tanks surrounding the nuclear reactors.

Additionally there are tens of thousand of bags full of radioactive material in bags spread throughout the Fukushima region.

This forum was presented by No Nukes Action on Sunday May 26th, 2019. ……..

Thomas Bach, The Head of The Olympics

by Labor Video Project Monday May 27th, 2019
Thomas Bach, the head of the Olympics knows about the contamination in Fukushima and the lies by Japan PM Abe about the “decontamination” of Fukushima but continues to move forward with the games in Fukshima. The television companies and other sponsors control the agenda of the Olympic committee.
by Labor Video Project Monday May 27th, 2019
The government and TEPCO still have not removed the melted nuclear rods after 8 years.
by Labor Video Project Monday May 27th, 2019
Cleaning the roofs of homes in Fukushima does not change the radioactive environment
by Labor Video Project Monday May 27th, 2019 6:30 PM
The Japanese. government is spending tens of millions of dollars to refurbish the Azuma stadium for the Olympic games in Fukushima to whitewash the dangers of the contaminated region. The Olympic Committee is helping to propagandize the people of the world that Fukushima is “safe”.

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  1. The American Nuclear-Propaganda Machine is aces, at coverups and putting lipstick on a pig. This is where Abe, Lady Judge, Shellenberger, Trump Hypermetropia take their cues .

    Hanford Plutonium Reservation is one of the most radioactive places on earth. Full of plutonium, Hilevel waste, discarded nuclear submarines. There is even a vintage fukushima-style nuclear reactor close to there, in the bleak TriCities desert. A veritable cornucopia of Nuclear Criminality and crimes against humanity. Especially the Citizens of Washington state.
    The huge Hanford resevation sits on the edge of one of the largest and, most beautiful rivers in the world. The Columbia River.

    There are warnings to river rafters, on the Beautiful Columbia River, that they are entering the Hanford Plutonium Reservation and will be close to Hanford, for the next 10 mile. No warnings about the radiatiation or radionuclides, pouring into the the river from The Huge Hanford Plutonium

    People in Washington State and Oregon have been Fed up with this 300 square mile radiation generating atrocity, for years. The federal governments answer to that is to turn it into a Natiknal Park, dedicated to the theme of the production of the first atomic bombs that killed, maimed, and mutated millions in Japan. Hiroshima and nagasaki, were later shown to be unecessary sadistic genocides, of the worst kind.
    Manhatten Atomic Bomb  National Park
    Hanford Washington.

    There are many places american and international tourists, visit in america that are radioactive . Places that have the potential to be as radioactive as Fukushima.
    Big Bend National Park in Texas is close to 20000 tons of Outdoor-High Level Nuclear waste. There are 50 thousand tons buries at Marfa, down the road. WIPP in New Mexico had a plutonium fire a few years ago. WIPP, Alamagordo and whitesands in new mexico are where they detonated a bomb and did nuclear experiments.

    They have been parading dangerous nuclear Tourism at Pripyat for years, in the  Ukraine.

    Millions of tourists visit The Grand Canyon  yearly. They are not told of the history.

    Many visit the Tennesse Valley Authority Complexes in the SE US where there are several old reactors and uranium processing facilities.

    How about goin swimming at the beach of LaHague France, where raw plutonium drools out of the Plutonium Reprocessing plant, into the sea?

    There are 10s of millions of tourists In Southern Utah and Nevada, and Colorado. Places where Nuclear Bombs were exploded . Places where there are Uranium piles. Tourists visit these places yearly . They are not notified of the dangers.

    Driving through fallon Nevada, where nuclear waste was fracked into the ground in the sixties, you would not know of the bad water or cancer clusters there.

    Lucky Las Vegas, Nevada, where many bombs have been detonated. Close to where there have been purposeful nuclear reactor meltdowns at jackass flats, to see what the radiation would do to people downwind…

    People are not notified of risks, when they visit close to any of the Nuclear Reactors in America, Europe, Korea, France or anywhere else.

    Take a country drive though Paducah Kentucky by the uranium purification plant, anyone?

    How about a  cross country visit  to the Hundred Nuclear waste sites in France. You are not likely to know where they are.

    Let’s go swimming by San Onofre in the Pacific, By San Diego.

    The Rocky Flats Plutonium Prduction facility outside of Denver, is being turned into a Historical Park and wildlife area.
    Millions of tourists visit these places yearly and, are not notified of the dangers of plutonium still present.

    The Los Alamos Bradbury Atomic Heritage Musean, on top of the Los Alamos mountain, is where americas nuclear weapons are made. It is where there are measurable amounts of americium in hotspings, in the surrounding areas . It is where background radiation is double of what it is in other areas, in america and other countries.

    The life expectancy of dogs around los alamos is 5 to 8 years.

    How about a nice mountain bike ride, along smoldering West Lake Land-Fill, by St Louis?

    There are the many places in America, where there are major nuclear waste dumps and background radiation, is higher than most places like australia.

    Let’s go see Mayak in Russia.

    How about By Sellefield in Britain . Would’nt that be a lovely radioactive Tourism, adventure?

    Comment by doug | June 3, 2019 | Reply

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