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[The Kyunghyang Newspaper] Safe design can’t guarantee nuclear power plant’s safety — New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes

“Safe design can’t guarantee nuclear power plant’s safety” by reporter Nam Jiwon, May 26, 2019. Japanese nuclear power plant experts, Goto Masashi & Makita Hiroshi, visited Korea. “People w/o permit is suspected for reactor operation, No touch, please! Japan need not to oppose Korea’s import ban of Fukushima marine food product.” Original Article: %5B…%5D

via [The Kyunghyang Newspaper] Safe design can’t guarantee nuclear power plant’s safety — New Silk Road for Life and No-Nukes

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How about a peace race instead of an arms race? — IPPNW peace and health blog

Today we face not only an increasingly militarized world, but even a resumption of the nuclear arms race, as nuclear powers brazenly scrap nuclear arms control and disarmament treaties and threaten one another, as well as non-nuclear nations, with nuclear war. Why not wage a peace race instead of an arms race―one bringing an end to the immense dangers and vast waste of resources caused by massive preparations for war?

via How about a peace race instead of an arms race? — IPPNW peace and health blog

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This week’s nuclear and climate news

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Media freedom now under grave threat, as USA aims to gaol Julian Assange for life.  Gross injustice! Ecuador to hand over Assange’s entire legal defense to the United States .

Journalism should awaken the world to the looming climate catastrophe.  Link between global warming and war.  Despite misogyny, women continue to fight the reckless spending on nuclear weapons.  Carbon dioxide soars to record-breaking levels not seen in 800,000 years.  Climate crisis – the Impact of Ocean Acidification?      A fight for the future as climate change school strikes grow for fourth month running.


AUSTRALIA.  US charges Julian Assange with 17 counts under Espionage Act. (He’s an Australian citizen. Does the government or anyone care?)  Torres Strait lodges case at UN against Australia on human rights as climate change issue.  Australia can be a global leader on combating climate change, and rejecting nuclear.

CANADA. Vancouver’s international ‘Clean Energy Summit’ – Clean Energy Ministerial in the grip of the nuclear lobby.

MARSHALL ISLANDS. USA’s radioactive dump in the Marshall Islands is leaking.

FRANCE. France forced Polynesians to accept nuclear tests – they finally admit this!


NORTH KOREA. North Korea warns that nuclear talks “will never be resumed” if USA continues ‘hostile acts’

UK.  Academics advise Labour that there’s no viable place for nuclear in renewable energy plans.   In UK Councillors to get briefing from nuclear panel – anyone can offer their land for nuclear waste dump!  EDF planning to restarttroubled Hunterston and Dungeness B nuclear reactors/

PAKISTAN. Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile .

IRAN. President Rouhani says that Iran might hold a referendum on its nuclear programme.

SWITZERLAND. Swiss authorities intervene to halt exports of nuclear weapons material.  Court orders Swiss authorities to publish arms export data A nuclear accident in one of Switzerland’s old reactors would be devastating to the health of other European countries.

ISRAEL. Wildfires rage in Israel during heatwave.

RUSSIA. Russia Launched New Nuclear Power Icebreaker While Other Countries Pay To Clean up Russian Nuclear Waste Ship.  A high risk operation removing spent nuclear fuel from Russian ship “Lepse”.  Design problems delay development of Russia’s High-Tech Nuclear Submarine.

UKRAINE. Misleading and dangerous – the downplaying of Chernobyl’s radiation risksAnother Chernobyl could happen, by accident, or by sabotage.  Comparing the radioactive pollution from Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear accidents.  Chernobyl’s spent nuclear fuel to be stored (Holtec’s in on this one, too).

KENYA. In Kenya, 87% of the electricity is from renewal sources.

SOUTH AFRICA. The tiny plant that helped save a desert from uranium mining.  Nuclear power seen as obsoletein South Africa, but they must ramp up renewables, get out of coal.

JAPAN.    Danger in foreign workers at Fukushima nuclear clean-up – Tepco abandons plans for them. At June G20 meeting, Japan to push for international conference on nuclear waste disposal (but no talk on stopping making radioactive trash).  240 shrines within 20 K of Fukushima reactor 1, so a move to build a new shrine.

JORDAN. Renewable energy, replacing nuclear plans with solar, is the obvious way forward for Jordan.

SOUTH KOREA. Risky incident at South Korean nuclear reactor.

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