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Funding for Yucca nuclear waste dump rejected in U.S. Congress House committee

May 23, 2019 - Posted by | politics, wastes

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  1. They have the deep drilling technology to put High level nuclear waste a mile underground, in safe strata, away from aquifers!

    To put waste with cesium137 cobalt60
    strontium 90 plutonium etc a mile undergorund in solid strata is the only way to do it . athe only way unless they could get it off the earth, which is impossible .

    They are too cheap to uss deep drilling technology they use for fracking oil and natural gas to get rid of manmade hilevel radionuclide. Radionuclides that cannot be stored safely above ground.

    To busy building new nuclear weapons . Too busy spending trillions on military. On war and such.

    All of the 97 reactors in america generate 20,000 tons of hi level nuclear waste a year.

    All nuclear reactors, are highly fossil fuel dependent. That goes from mining to purifucation to hauling plutonium or uranium to reactors to defueling, to nuclear waste hauling etc etc etc.

    The making of the fuel and bombs from uranium and plutonium, makes another 100,000 tons of nuclear waste, yearly.
    There have been severe increases in hurricanes flooding and earthquakes in murica recently. All reactors in america are older than 30 years old. They are cracked . They are unstable and outdated. Any one of them could go fukushima style at any time. It would effect the whole growingly, radionuclide-saturated world.

    The fallout of a thousand bombs can come from the cores and hundred of tons of hilevel radionuclides in the used fuel pools burning up, at nuclear power sites.

    Trump and perry have just totally deregulated supervision of these monstrositites since they came to power. Why subsidize nuclear power companies to generate millions of tons of nuclear waste, that is destroying the human genome? Waste that has to be sequestered properly.

    Mostly nuclear reactors in New Jersey, The Gulf Coast, The southeast are used for oil refineries and chemical plants.

    Nuclear reactors in america, are not even reliable enough for residential power.

    All of the backup diesel generators for Nuclear reactors in america, are old and unreliable.
    Many rarely work when tested, like the ones at fukushima.

    Each nucler reactor, has to have a power source to supply its cooling system or it will meltdown.

    The beatup old, outdated nuclear reactors, only supply about 20 percent of electricity in america. Why not phase nuclear reactors out and, shift to renewables and alternative forms of energy?

    End the insanity. I guarentee yucca will not fly. People in Nevada are tired of being victimizanded yucc mouutain is over an aquifer. Yucca mountain is geologically unstable.
    More propaganda lies and boondogle.
    Better than just parking millions of tons of the shit-outdoors on pads or, putting it in barrels in shallow graves or, dumping it into the ocean though.

    Comment by Ken | May 24, 2019 | Reply

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