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“Dark money” bankrolling advertising campaign to keep Ohio nuclear plants open

Ads Flood Airwaves As Debate Continues Over Nuclear Bailout Bill   wksu 89.7

  20 May 19, Ohioans are being bombarded with an ad campaign focused on an energy bill—House Bill 6—that’s being debated in the state legislature.

Who’s behind the campaign and just what will HB6 do? Learn more in this conversation with Dayton Daily News reporter Laura Bischoff.

Bischoff said House Bill 6 is a controversial energy bill that would cost consumers about $300 million a year in surcharges. “The money would go into a new fund that probably half, or a little more than that, would likely go to save two aging nuclear power plants that are slated to close: Davis Besse and Perry,” Bishcoff said.

Both plants are owned by FirstEnergy Solutions, which used to be part of Akron-based FirstEnergy. FirstEnergy Solutions is in bankruptcy proceedings and has said it will have to shut down the nuclear plants because of its financial situation.  …..

Bischoff has dug into who’s bankrolling the ad campaign to convince the general public that legilsation to help keep the nuclear plants open is a good idea.

There is this group called Generation Now,” Bischoff said. “It is a dark money group. They are bankrolling most of ads, a little over $2 million worth of ads have been placed so far.”  Bischoff notes there are groups funding ads against the bill as well. “Americans for Prosperity, Ohioans against nuclear bailouts and some consumer group have spent about $300,000. It’s all over the airwaves. People are hearing it, seeing it, wondering what’s going on with it.”

…….. Bischoff also tabulated that FirstEnergy and its PAC (political action committee), since 2014, have  contributed $1.35 million to Ohio political candidates and FirstEnergy has donated another $1.5 million to political parties.

Bischoff explained that House Bill 6 would remove renewable energy efficiency standards and programs that have been part of state law for the past 10 years………

Bischoff estimated 120 different witnesses have testified about this proposed legislation, including a gentleman from Vermont, whom she later tracked down.

“I wonder why would some guy from Vermont travel all the way to Ohio to give testimony,” Bischoff said. The man shared the story of a nuclear plant closing in the small town where he lives and talked about the devastation the closing caused. Bischoff found out it is the second time he has testified for a nuclear bailout bill in Ohio. Pressing the man further, she discovered that his travel expenses were covered by the Nuclear Energy Institute, of which FirstEnergy is a dues-paying member.

Bischoff said Speaker Householder had hoped to bring House Bill 6 up for a vote the week of May 20th, but at this point he has indicated they are still working on it.

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  1. What is at stake is, Trump and the neoconfuks, using a tactical Nukes in Iran. Cheney and Rumsfield said they wanted to do that several times.

    Nancy Pelosi don’t care.
    The south and midwest have flooded badly, for the 8th consecutive year.. Flooded around dangerous, shitty old,  Nuclear reactors.
    Nuclear Reactors  on rivers and on the coast. It is hurricane season!

    The ground around the nuclear reactors, is saturated.

    There was 4 feet of water in Houston again a couple of weeks ago. A few towns, taken out down river. A nuclear power plant flooded again. It is hurricane season. Same in Loisiana and Tennessee.
    Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer dont care.
    Joe Biden and his son made millions, off of installing the current crooked Nazi Regime in Ukraine. Done with with thw help of Victoria Nuland and Hillary Clinton..
    This is the fruit of it, 5 old Russian Reactors ready to explode in Ukaraine. That is because the Neo Nazi Government there, refuses  to maintain them or get parts from russia. They use the wrong nuclear fuel in them, made by westinghouse in america under a sweatheart deal Joe Biden and, his son crafted.

    Trump is good buddies with Abe in Japan. Trump is doing nothing about Abe opening decrepit damaged old reactors in Japan, on fault lines. Trump is doing nothing about american importation of radioactive food from Japan.  Trump and Perry are importing megatons of  volatile-explosive high level reactor waste, enmasse to be parked outside, around the USA. 

    Trump and the republicans, are busily subsidizing old beat-up reactors that should have been closed, ages ago.
    Cuomo the democrat bailed out aging nukes in New York.
    The world connot afford another Fukushima or Chernobyl. Not in america. Not in Japan, Not in the Ukraine.
    Nobody cares

    Comment by gloria | May 22, 2019 | Reply

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