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The false hope of “Small Modular Nuclear Reactors” being pushed in Wales

Beyond Nuclear 12th May 2019 Irene is with a group called CADNO, founded in 1987 and active until the plants closed. The CADNO acronym in Welsh means Society for the Prevention
of Everlasting Nuclear Destruction. It is also the Welsh word for fox.
Now the group is slowly gearing back up, because the Trawsfynydd site is being
talked about as a possible location for a new, small modular reactor (SMR).
CADNO is the fox we actually need to guard this henhouse. The old
Trawsfynydd reactors are decommissioning now, but very slowly. On
Wikipedia, the page proclaims that the decommissioning is expected to take
“almost 100 years.”
The SMR phantom is manifesting itself many places
beyond Trawsfynydd. Being described as “small” and “modular” tends
to mask the reality that it is expensive, of little use for climate change,
and likely still far in the future.
Local politicians, including in Gwynedd, the county in which the Trawsfynydd reactors sit, view the project as an easy jobs handout for a region struggling to employ people. It’s
false hope, of course, because the likelihood of SMRs coming to fruition is
slim and would provide only a handful of jobs.
The area is ripe for more wind power but the UK government remains eager to subsidize new nuclear instead, the only way new nuclear power plants will ever get built.

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