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The week that was, in climate and nuclear news

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Arguably the biggest news –  the world’s species are disappearing (and hey! – we’re vulnerable, too).

Both issues – climate change, and nuclear wastes have been in the political  headlines in anglophone countries. A pity that these seem to be rarely reported in English language in other countries, and probably not reported at all in totalitarian countries.  Good News:  In Britain, climate activists, – Extinction Rebellion, and school children’s strikes have had their political impact, as UK declares a Climate Emergency.  In Australia climate ‘paralysis’ looms over its coming election.

In USA, the battle over where to put nuclear wastes heats up with renewed political turmoil over plan for Yucca Mountain, Nevada, as nuclear waste dump. Radioactive wastes continue to trouble Europe  and UK, though not a peep out of Russia, China about theirs.

Nuclear weapons companies doing very profitably out of governments. ICAN and PAX list the companies that make nuclear weapons.

Can the Non Proliferation Treaty and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons co-exist?  Hibakusha continue their mission to eliminate nuclear weapons.

High blood pressure risk from prolonged exposure to low-dose ionising radiation. Low level radiation exposure and increased risks of hypertension, cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease.

Why cockroaches might be able to survive a nuclear attack.

INDIA. India Cyclone Kills at Least 33, Hundreds of Thousands Homeless.

JAPAN. The Olympics Clean-up: Fukushima, Okinawa, homelessness.


ISRAEL. Report: Islamic Jihad threatens to strike nuclear reactor, airport.

CHINA. China says it won’t take part in trilateral nuclear arms talks.

UK. Highland Green MSP John Finnie points out the danger of transporting nuclear material across the Atlantic. Prince William booed and heckled at service to mark 50 years of Royal Navy’s nuclear submarines.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. The Blue Pacific and the legacies of nuclear testing .

UKRAINE. Rivetting new documentary series on the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe.

SAUDI ARABIA.  Distrust of Saudi Arabia’s motives in building a nuclear reactor.


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  1. Twighlight of the cockroaches Japanese Anime

    Insects like cockroaches go through a life cycle in months,  where humans live sixty years. When a mutation occurs, even in  cockroach larvae, it destroys that family of cockroaches in 5 to 8 generations in accordance with Wertilckis and Busbys, law of destructivle nuclear-mutation.

    I saw this silly article distilled from quora on a fluff-site …….

    And you may ask yourself, What haven’t I done? That is when even a small scale nuclear war occurs, another tohoku 9.0 earthquake hits, a meteorite stikes, there is a carrington event or any nuclear war. It is when a dozen or so, of the 400 rickety-shit old reactors from around the world, that should have never been built go off. They go off w hundreds tons of st90, cs137, co60, uranium, plutonium, yada yada…..
    stored next to them. Highlevel radionuclides, MOX and zirconium will burn relentlessy into the atmosphere in a northern hemisphere already soaked, with manmade and extracted radionuclides.
    Such a chain of certain events, will finish off the northern hemisphere and the rest of the world a few months later.

    The angry sky will be Black and red and dark with a green glow.

    Insects will go first as they did at 3 mile island . People reported no flies within 5 to 10 miles of the 3 mile island meltdown, for months after it occured.

    One serious mutation in an insect population gets them quickly. If there is fallout and radionuclide, from bombs or reactor accidents, nuclear mutations come massively and quickly in insect population,  as  it occured  with the blue butterfly extinctions, recorded around fukushima, and in northern japan after Fukushima.

    That is because  insect and cockroach life cycles are short. Insects  and cockroaches depend on laying lots of eggs to keep their strains going, which magnifies the detructive mutation phenomenon, even more.

    In cockroach time,  the destructive-genetic mutations,  from nuclear would destroy them in few months, to a year.

    Extinction of local populations, would occur, after the nests and progeny went though a few, to 5 or six generations of destructive-nuclear induced, genetic-mutation, from dna and chromosone breaks, induced by radionuclides and radiation.

    Entomologists were irradiating mosquitos and releasing the genetically-nonviable, flawed progeny into the environment in places like s america and Africa,  til recently.  The malaria-mosquito exterminators, were creating genetically defective mosquitos,  to try to kill off mosquito strains in Africa and s America, that are malaria carriers.  It was working in many areas. Such drone-mutant strategies are still employed in some areas, with genetically modified insects.

    Once radionucleides do their dirty-work, no amount of genetic engineering can restore a species or sub-group. The nucleoapes, generals and wingnuts would probably want you to believe diferently.  They would say that Marvel Comix Dr. X is developing nuclear resistant cockroaches and other such nonsense.  It is the same far-out science fantasy-brain-washing memes, they have used for 70 years.

    This dumn mentalfloss fluffpiece-article stinks of propaganda and bullshit.
    No doubt,  A feelgood article in the face of the ultimate human insanity going on now, as crazy Trump is poised to use tactical nukes on iran as Dick Cheney wanted to do in 2005 . Such an attack will surely lead to larger scale war, massive  depleted uranium usage and larger nuclear detonations.

    Recently THE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST, TIM SHORROCK WROTE A PIECE FOR THE NATION, That exposes Trump and his neocon buddies, true intentions in N Korea. Tim has been in DC for 20 years. He was raised in Japan and S Korea.

    Fluff-nuclear feel good articles, implying that any life on earth can exist, as we flood the world with radionuclides are all part of the game.

    The  beautiful and bittersweet, Japanese Anime’ “Twighlight of The Cockroaches,” is all at once, Sad
    ironic, and allegorical in the face of Fukushima. In the face of the fact that the death rate from cancer and everything else in Japan are now  10 times higher  in Japan, than before fukushima.

    Any nuclear war, will probaly set off rickety reactors and fuel pools,  in the northern hemisphere, fukushima-style.

    Each reactor and fuel pool containing the fallout and, radionuclide equivalent of 10 thousand nuclear bombs.

    Life support on earth destroyed,
    when the hundreds of tons of nuclear waste dumped into the arctic, starts bubbling up from the depths. When massive nuclear-armed nuclear submarines and other nuclear-powered vessels, have core meltdowns in the middle of the oceans, from emf flashes and nuclear events, adding to the final nuclear inferno.
    The human genome destroyed, all animal and insect genomes destroyed.

    No one wants to talk about these things. The propagandists, the fluffs, the generals, the fools want you to accept the cutesy meme  that cockroaches can survive a nuclear war or any dna based life will.

    This comment will probably be censored as people do not like dissidents and truth-tellers

    Comment by doug | May 7, 2019 | Reply

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