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Putin’s new super-dooper longest submarine packed with nuclear torpedoes

Putin reveals world’s longest submarine packed with nuclear torpedoes capable of destroying an entire city  The super sub’s weapons can dodge Nato’s underwater defences to hit cities, naval bases or aircraft carriers anywhere in Europe or on America’s eastern coast The Irish Sun,  By Patrick Knox  21st April 2019,  A GIANT Russian submarine which measures a staggering 604ft is due to be moved out of its secret construction shed as it nears completion.

The 14,700-ton Belgorod, which is twice the size of the Royal Navy’s Astute-class attack submarines, bristles with nuclear-tipped underwater drone torpedoes which are guided by artificial intelligence.

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has boasted these “Poseidon” drones can completely destroy coastal targets 6,000 miles away.

They are specifically designed to thwart Nato underwater defences as it heads to targets in cities, naval bases or aircraft carriers anywhere in Europe or on America’s eastern coast.

The Belgorod has been built at a secretive shipyard in the city of Severodvinsk, which is in Russia’s far north west and foreigners are forbidden from entering.

The sub is also fitted with an underwater dock.

This allows it to launch a 180ft mini-sub and intelligence gathering drones…….

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