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PAKISTAN’S Prime Minister Imran Khan issues warning on conflict with India, the nuclear danger

Pakistan PM Khan: Kashmir issue ‘cannot keep boiling’ – BBC News

India Pakistan CONFLICT: Imran Khan issues India nuclear WARNING – ‘no one can predict’   

PAKISTAN’S Prime Minister Imran Khan issued a dire warning to his neighbouring country as he branded India’s attack on his “nuclear-armed” country as “irresponsible” and warned Pakistan “would have no choice” but to strike back in the future.

By ALESSANDRA SCOTTO DI SANTOLO, Express UK , Wed, Apr 10, 2019   Speaking to the BBC, Imran Khan called on his Indian counterpart to come to a peaceful dialogue over the “oppression of Kashmir” and claimed the number one priority for the two nations should be tackling poverty. He said: “Surely the number one task of the two governments should be: how are we going to reduce poverty? And the way we reduce poverty is by settling our differences through dialogue.

“And there is only one difference, which is Kashmir. It has to be settled.

“The Kashmir issue cannot keep on boiling like it is because anything happening in Kashmir – through a reaction to the oppression which is taking place in Kashmir – it would be palmed off n Pakistan.

“We would be blamed and tensions would rise as they have risen in the past.

“So if we can settle Kashmir, the benefits of peace are tremendous in the subcontinent.”

But speaking about the dangers of confrontation escalating between the two countries, Mr Khan warned: “Once you respond, no-one can predict where it can go from there.”…….

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