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NUCLEAR WARNING: Radioactive contamination from Fukushima drifts to America

RADIOACTIVE contamination from Japan’s Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant has drifted as far as America, experts claim.  By EMILY FERGUSON EXPRESS UK, Mar 28, 2019 

When a tsunami and 9.0-magnitude quake hit the Japanese nuclear plant’s reactors in March 2011, meltdowns were triggered at three of the plant’s six reactors. This resulted in radiation leaking into the air, soil and ocean – forcing 160,000 residents to flee. Radioactive contamination has reached as far north as a remote Alaskan island, scientists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks Sea Grant programme announced on Wednesday.

Water tests collected from seawater last year near St. Lawrence Island in the Bering Strait revealed a slight increase in levels of radioactive cesium-137 attributable to the Fukushima disaster.

But scientists say the levels need to be more than 3,000-times higher to pose a safety concern……..

n September last year the Japanese government acknowledge for the first that that a work at the nuclear power plant died from radiation exposure.

The worker, a man in his 50s, had spent his career working at nuclear plants around Japan and worked at the Fukushima Daiichi plant at least twice after the meltdowns at the station.

He was diagnosed with lung cancer in February 2016, an official said.

The Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry had previously ruled exposure to radiation caused the illnesses of four workers at the plant.

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