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Cutbacks for every agency – in the Trump budget, with the exception of the Pentagon

Trump Budget Would Cut Spending for Nearly Every Agency Except Pentagon, Truthout, Lindsay Koshgarian, March 12, 2019 The budget request President Trump released on Monday represents a conservative vision taken to the extreme. It would shoot military spending skyward while dismantling domestic programs piece by piece, with few exceptions.

The budget peels back many of the promises the president made either on the campaign trail or in tweets. For instance, the president has stated an intention to pull back from military interventions in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere — but his budget insists on an even bigger military budget. And the cash flow to the Pentagon, combined with ongoing tax cuts for the rich, puts the lie to the idea that Republicans care about deficits and balanced budgets.

The budget calls for $750 billion in military spending, a nearly 5 percent increase over 2019 spending. And it calls for a 9 percent cut in all other discretionary spending, which covers nearly everything else — including priorities like education, affordable housing, environmental protection, scientific and medical research, public health, and diplomacy, among others — taking it from $597 billion in 2019 to $543 billion in 2020.  The proposal also calls for additional cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security……..


March 14, 2019 - Posted by | politics, USA

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    Lives in van after lost job

    I was working with Methodist Group to Help homeless in Loa Angeles in 2009. There were 250,000 homeless in Los Angeles County then. There are far more now. An isolated resort town in the west with 5000 people has over 200 homeless people. Seasonal work. People cannot afford rent.
    One hundred homeless people in Durago Colorado Force to sleep on site that had Uranium tailing.
    Durango is a small town.

    A town has 8000 people. I talked to a couple of elderly guys in front of Wal-Mart there. They said there are at least 150 homeless people there. Many older.
    1 in 4 students in california is homeless.

    People are seeing young people with signs asking for help, in smaller towns where it never happened before

    I think this is a low ball figure.

    People who work at Disneyland live out of cars

    My friend came to The USA from Puerto Rico after the Hurricane.
    She went to New York City, then moved west. She  left her 19 and 20 yo sons in New York City. They are homeless there. One of her sons says there are at least a hundred thousand or more in New York City. Many squatters.
    There are millions of homeless now in the richest country on earth.  Rents here have gone from 500 a month to a thousand or more a month. It is that way everywhere in America now.  People have to work 2 jobs to pay rent.

    The amount of homelessness in America is outrageous now. Especially children living in the streets. Elderly in the streets. People with cancer in the streets.  Rents double and triple over night.

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    Watch “Homeless Youth Aged out of Foster Care.” on YouTube

    Lives in van after lost job


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