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India:  Union ministry of mines protects beaches from mining for thorium

Private firms jolted by beach sand mining ban, Times of India M K Ananth , 24 Feb 19,  MADURAI: Environmentalists fighting against rampant illegal   sand mining have hailed the gazette notification by the  Union ministry of mines changing the rules that earlier  allowed private companies to mine rare earth minerals found   on beach sand. They said the notification was much awaited and would help save the coastal treasures.
Activist Lal Mohan of Kanyakumari said rampant mining by  private players had led to erosion of the shores and many  sand dunes that acted as barriers during natural disasters  such as tsunami had disappeared. He accused private players of influencing officials and exploiting coastal minerals and  exporting monazite.
Stating that monazite on the coast   had high concentration of thorium that was considered an  atomic mineral, he said research was on to use it instead of uranium.  “It is to eliminate the use of uranium and the large reserve s of thorium in India. At many places, private companies  have exploited thorium and exported it to Australia, China and Russia, he said… ..

February 25, 2019 - Posted by | environment, India, thorium

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  1. American landfills are full of thorium that is used in welding rods. Thorium welding rods can be purchased at any hardware store, by anyone. American landfills are also full of AMERICIUM ,which is actually a strong alpha emitter and a gamma emitter. AMERICIUM smoke detectors only cost 3 bucks in America while the other ones range from 15 to 35 bucks. Americium is a high level nuclear waste produced by nuclear reactors in America. Cute , cheap way to dispose of nuclear waste. The nuclear boy scout, used smoke detectors and thorium rods to try and make a homemade nuclear reactors

    Comment by Doug | February 25, 2019 | Reply

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