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US Constitutional Experts Express Concerns After Trump Declares State Of Emergency — Mining Awareness +

“The important point is that the generals are going to have to decide immediately: Are they going to follow the law of the United States or are they going to follow the commander in chief?” (Bruce Ackerman, Sterling professor of law and political science at Yale University) From Cronkite News/Arizona PBS: “Constitutional experts express concerns […]

via US Constitutional Experts Express Concerns After Trump Declares State Of Emergency — Mining Awareness +

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  1. The whole border wall thing is beyond parody or any sane , serious-examination anymore. It is a symbol of a very sick, nuclear empire. A completely rotten, diseased-nuclear-empire on its last leg.
    Of psychotic dissociation and abandonment by most people, from reality in this country.

    People have become blobs fat and corpuscle with no apparent compass for morality or survival or anything really. Only the routines of mass consumption and avoidance of reality that is eating them alive from the inside-out and outside-in

    The enthusiasm and fiercely-dangerous stupidity with, which monkeys-in-charge that are producing the charade, signals the inevitability of crash and turmoil, that is coming.

    The wall is first a land grab for the Rabid Brained, ugly-Zombie, the trump- and its Criminal sidekicks. It is second a distraction from the other sideshows of trumplestilskin and its cronies, while they rape America and the rest of the planet.

    The PNAC neocon Fascists are here. Never gone. Bolton, Wolfowitz, Perl, Cheney, Pompeo , Bush the ones who used a play from Hitler’s book to first strike and invade a weak innocent country for their oil, killing a half million men, women, children for no good reason. No WMDs there. The conflict rages 17 years later.

    The bloodthirsty neocons and nuclear warmongers, wanted out of nuclear non–proliferation treaties as far back  as  2002.  Now they are out again.  Now they are actively producing tactical nukes. They are promoting coups. Military interventions. Limited nuclear war. Trillions wasted, while America largely dies.

    Fuko distracts us w a border wall, so him and his buddy, land-speculators can do a massive land-grab. 

    America is ravaged with homelessness, urban and rural blight.  Most of America is strangled by a severe economic depression, where property is totally monopolized. Where rents and mortgages, are completely out of whack with the real economy.

    The neocons wanted out of the INF. They want out of all nonproliferation treaties.
    That was so they could develop and, use smaller-tactical nuclear weapons in places like Iran.

    Trump has hired Bolton and Pompeo to kick the evil  neoconservative agenda, back into high gear.
    The bloodmonkey neocons, were not satisfied with their Hitlerite, Nazi invasion of Iraq.

    These evil monkeys have no boundries or sanity.
    Trump is as psychopathic or, more so than Monkey man, crackhead Gearge W Bush.

    Trump is psychotic. Look at how he is running America as the country is plagued by urban and rural blight, homelessness.  Massive problems that are growing .  Problems that will only get worse as he pushes coups in South American countries like Brazil and Venezuela. His goons pushe for fascism in Europe, while Trump ignores america

    Think of the kick start of  raw material extraction for the New Multitrillion dollar Nuclear proliferation and  Cold War , Fuko the clown is setting off. It helps the billionaire but not the 250 million or so that are dispossessed now in America. No money for infrastructure. They will not be happy till it is all a bloodugly mess. A radioactive shithole where deregulated nuclear reactors will start exploding soon

    Comment by Doug | February 18, 2019 | Reply

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