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At Soviet Union’s Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site, civilian population were used as radiation guinea pigs

WW3 SHOCK: How Soviets used OWN population as ‘NUCLEAR GUINEA PIGS’ during secret tests.

THE Soviet Union used its own population as “guinea pigs” to tests the effects of its secret nuclear weapons as tensions rose with the United States, a former member of the European Parliament for Scotland revealed. By CALLUM HOARE,  Feb 13, 2019 The Semipalatinsk Test Site, also known as The Polygon, was home to at least 456 nuclear tests between 1949 and 1989, during the height of the Cold War. These top-secret missions were carried out with little regard for human or environmental impact in the surrounding area, just 11 miles away. Locals were told their area had been selected to help counter the threat from the US but were not aware of the full extent of the radiation damage.

“They were not told these weapons were nuclear and there would be the question of radioactive fallout that would affect all of them.
“The KGB doctors would wait until the wind was blowing towards the villages, then detonate the bombs and spend days afterwards checking the effects on the locals.

“They were being used as human guinea pigs.”

Mr Stevenson claimed the KGB manipulated locals so they could test the full potential of their nuclear weapons.

He continued: “The KGB ordered them to pack books and bedding behind the windows of their houses and actually stand outside.

“The women were there holding their babies and the KGB told them ‘you will witness the might of Soviet technology’ and they were actually celebrating this massive bomb, not knowing it would make them severely ill.

“Igor Kurchatov and Andrei Sakharov were the fathers of the Soviet nuclear weapons.

“[Joseph] Stalin gave an order that if the bomb did not explode, the professors and all their team would be executed.”

In 1989, the anti-nuclear movement was started in Kazakhstan called “Nevada Semipalatinsk”, led by poet Olzhas Suleimenov.

The site was officially closed by the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on 29 August 1991, denuclearising the country.

It has now become the best-researched atomic testing site in the world and is open to the public to visit.

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  1. We get tired of the propaganda bullshit. The American devils detonated close to a thousand nuclear bombs on its own people IN Nevada That blew the worst possible radioactive fallout all over Beverly Hills and the Rest of continental United States! The American capitalist pig imperialist-fascist-shits, detonated the only nuclear bombs on other people in the world -In Japan and detonated a thousand or more on its own people in Murica!

    You never see Nevada, or LosAngeles, Hollywood, Utah, the Navajo Indian Nation, Colorado The rest of the USA in the TOP TEN Most Radioactive Places on earth ON LISTEVERSE On CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, Newsweek. It is always Semipalatinsk in Kazakhstan from the mean old Soviet Union as one of the TOP TEN MOST RADIOACTIVE PLACES ON EARTH and yet the US GOVERNMENT DETONATED TWICE AS MANY NUCLEAR BOMBS ON ITS OWN PEOPLE! OVER 1000!

    Trump wants to resume Nuclear Weapons Testing In Nevada. Trump just illegally shipped hundreds of pounds of Plutonium to Nevada! Trump wants to turn Yucca mountain Nevada into the largest nuclear waste dump in the world. Yucca Mountain is located over the Largest Radioactive Body of water in the world . The Nevada Aquifer is radioactive from 65 years of atomic testing and Fracking Nuclear waste back into the earth in Nevada!

    Its always those evil Russians and North Koreans! That create the most radioactive places on earth!

    The United States detonated 5 nuclear bombs UnderGround, under the Colorado River Near Aspen Colorado with Projects Ellison and Gas buggy.
    They detonated 3 nuclear bombs under rivers that drain into the Colorado River in New Mexico with Projects Rulisen and Gssbuggy in the 1960s and early seventies. The DOE and AEC did the same in Georgia with three Nuclear Devices .

    A Project in Nevada in Jacakass Flats Nevada was done, where Nuclear Reactors where hoisted into the air and caused to melt down . it was done so they could see how the fallout from the melted down small nuclear reactors would distribute fallout from wind patterns carrying it to their own people in Utah and Californinia. They did The same thing either Green Run at Hanford In Washington state! sl1 Experimental Military Small Nuclear Meltdown

    The Soviets were monsters for what the did in remote, uninhabited, Kazakhstan. it is nothing compared to what the Capitalist, Fascist Bastards who started the whole Nuclear Bomb and Nuclear reactor and nuclear Space Rocket , insanity did to their own people in the continental United States.

    America allows visibly large amounts of AMERICIUM in smoke detectors.
    It is not milligrams but rather a tenth of a gram of AMERICIUM in each smoke detector in the United States.

    It only takes a millionth of a gram of Plutonium or less to cause lung cancer and american is equally as dangerous as Plutonium.
    The High Level Nuclear Waste Product AMERICIUM , which is very similar to PLUTONIUM is and has been used in millions upon millionsof smoke detectors in the United States. Since the 1970 s , as a means of getting rid of some of the high level nuclear waste from nuclear reactors and nuclear bomb production in the the United States!

    AMERICIUM now contaminates every landfill in every town in the United States and has contaminated or is contaminating 90 percent of every household and apartment in the United States. So tell me how free and untotalitarian and honest and Murica really is

    Comment by Dt | February 14, 2019 | Reply

    • Perhaps this was propaganda bullshit. But is it not true?

      Also, we do get to hear about today’s safety problems, waste problems, cost problems of the nuclear industry in USA and Europe. We never hear about these in Russia.

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | February 14, 2019 | Reply

  2. The propaganda bullshit are the lies, the government, the media and the corporations come up with when they are confronted with the secrets or the facts of the secrets of nuclear testing and nuclear abuses I mention above in my comments Christina.

    I supposed I was brusque but I am pretty concerned about these things.

    I was not saying the article is propaganda bullshit.
    I said that atomic testing at semipalansk in the Soviet union was awful and evil.

    I went on to say, it is hard to get comfortable honest and truthful reporting of the atomic testing or their consequences done in America .
    1.Testing carried out on its own citizens right in the continental USA. And yes many things still are secret in America Christina and the government will lie about those things it If they are exposed.
    It is partially from the culture of denial that is so strongly enforced in America.
    Similar to what one would encourage when trying to talk about Fukushima to people in its early days. One can still encounters the fukushima freeze today.
    The corporations, the military and government in America, know they can do as they please in America, with no consequences whether people know about it or not.
    2.Take the priceanderson act which abrogated the government from any responsibility for nuclear accidents in Murica.
    What the Russians did was evil. Two wrongs do not make a right.

    What the Russian did was wrong. What America did was was bad and worse and we know nothing about most of it.
    3. America did the most bomb testing, has the most nukes and reactors the most missiles, the biggest military, the most spooks the best propagandathey brag about it!
    4. The Green Run.
    5. SL1
    6. Santa Susana.
    7. The true extent of three mile island
    It is true nucleoape powers in Russia and China, have not disclosed secret nuclear accidents or details about their nuclear secrets, but people there whisper about it. The Murican nuclear establishment The MIC, probably applauds and endorses the non-disclosure of accidents and secrets in China and Russia because they are in collusion and, they all want more reactors.

    Why, there was probably a major radioactive release by one of the crappy old Russian reactors in Hungary in spring 2018:::

    I reckon we will not get the truth about what really happened in Hungary in spring 2018 with the radiation release in the western media or from Sputnik.

    It is interesting because in this wierd topsy-turvy age, u would be more likely to get some information about it from RT or Sputnik than MSNBC or CNN. Hungary is not a commie country anymore. Yet no one knows about what happened in Europe spring 2018.
    No honor among nuclear promoters, thieves, and criminals.The united states has done the same
    thing and would do the same thing . cover-up reactor accidents.
    Like when Obama turned off all the epa radiation monitors in strategic areas as fukushima initially raged!
    Explain to me why 200 people in n Dakota were arrested in n Dakota in free America for protesting an oil pipeline on their own land? Why people in America are arrested every year for protesting the fracking of oil and gas on their own land? That is , with the release of the accompanying radioactive pollution into their property. Those people are arrested jailed , fined, and left with criminal records so corporations can make a buck off them and their children’s misery. The criminal records will ruin those people the radioactive water will ruin their health. Freedom indeed!

    Most of the things I mentioned above in my first comment are, and have been kept secret and there are many more .People are vulnerable to being prosecuted for breaching national security laws for divulging them.

    The most heinous nuclear secrets in america will and are denied 7. like Jackass flats fiasco.
    8. Like the big lie that the fallout of twice as many bombs detonated In America did not or will hurt you
    9. Like the secret of the AMERICIUM in smoke detectors I know of nothing comparable in Russia China or any nuclear country.
    10.The huge radioactive Nevada water aquifer.

    11. Nuclear waste fracked into the ground in nevada in the 1960s and 1970s. 12.The hundreds of cancer clusters
    13. The dozens of undocumented and hidden nuclear waste sites in America

    14. Very few people in America know about 11 nuclear bombs detonated under major watersheds in America to frack natural gas . if u ask the government about it they will deny it or poo poo it or u maybe put on a government watch list for making trouble. By the way the government is looking to use some that radioactive gas created by nuclear bombs by aspen colorado. All for a buck. My input does not count. I could go to jail for bringing it up or protesting it based on the Patriot act and several old national security acts to insure energy security for America even if entails realeasin and burning billions of cubic feet of radioactive natural gas!
    The lies that 11 nuclear bombs detonated under major watersheds in America to frack natural gas that they could not use because it was too radioactive, but will still try for a buck, all the downwinder, all the hidden nuclear meltdowns that are lied about when disclosed.

    100 billion dollars a year are spent on intelligence apparatus and propaganda in merica. Nothing comparable came close or comes close today in any other country.
    In China two whole large cities of people rose up and protested and revolted against nuclear reactors being built in their areas. NONE WERE ARRESTED! They were peaceful! The nuclear reactor projects were terminated!
    I asked a Chinese friend about this and why the discrepancy in what I perceive about China and what happened with the protests. Her answer was part cynical and pragmatic.
    She said that the Chinese people are becoming very environmentally aware and so is the Chinese leadership to a certain degree.. She said that the Chinese Central government allows the protests to as a mechanism help keep very corrupt and greedy bureaucrats in provinces in check.

    Comment by Dt | February 14, 2019 | Reply

  3. What good has all the reporting done that allows us to hear about today’s safety problems, waste problems, cost problems of the nuclear industry in USA do Christina?

    I am sorry that I am so cynical and burnt out but things seem to get worse, not better!

    I will admit that I have read about many of these things on and beyond nuclear and thank you very much for that Christina you and the others are dynamoes!

    Today’s old rickety nuclear reactor safety is being deregulated like it has never been deregulated like it has never been deregulated before in the face of fukushima and unprecedented hurricane dangers.
    They are reclassifying the worst high level nuclear waste as low level. Even worse and never done before.
    They are actively extorting money from taxpayers to subsidize old rickety reactors that don’t need subsidized.
    They are extorting money for Bill Gates Boondogles and Nuscale boondoggles to the tune of billions.
    They are not even bothering with underground repositories, for high level nuclear waste like that left on the Beach By San Onofre in dangerous, leaky, stainless steal Cannisters owned by Holtec corporation.
    The Department of Energy head and, former Texas governor Rick “Good Hair Perry” was known to be actively involved in getting large above ground high level nuclear waste facilities approved in a Texas before he became secretary of the DOE in Trumps swamp! Perry is now pursuing above ground, shoddy-dangerous, high level nuclear waste on a much grander scale with tens of thousands of tons of high level nuclear waste stored in. Dangerously-unsuitable stainless steel Cannisters, above ground, on concrete pads in Midland Texas, above major water aquifers. There is the waste stored in barrels in Alpine Texas. There are the high level outdoor nuclear waste pads in New Mexico similar to the one in Midland. Rick Perry DOE chairman is allowing High level nuclear waste from France to be stored at these sites.

    Comment by Dt | February 15, 2019 | Reply

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    good work!

    Comment by junk yards near me | February 15, 2019 | Reply

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