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Britain’s secret nuclear weapons tests the spark to nuclear Armageddon – claims veteran

WW3: Britain ‘sparked ARMAGEDDON’ by running SECRET nuclear weapons tests, claims veteran 6 Feb 19

A VETERAN claims Britain sparked an “Armageddon” for the future after running secret nuclear weapons tests between 1957 and 1958.  By CALLUM HOARE

Operation Grapple was the name given to a series of four nuclear weapons tests of atomic and hydrogen bombs carried out at Malden Island and Christmas Island. Nine nuclear explosions were initiated, making Britain the third recognised possessor of thermonuclear weapons, and restoring the Nuclear Special Relationship with the US. However, veteran Dave Whyte, 82, who worked on the project, claimed they made a mistake by testing the weapons of mass destruction.

Mr Whyte said he suffered sterility and genetic damage through radiation exposure at the cost of the technology being leaked to other countries.

He exclaimed in 2017: “I witnessed the hydrogen bombs Grapple Y, Flagpole and Halliard and atomic bombs Pennant and Burgee in 1958.

“I found the bombs very interesting, it was wonderful to view two suns shining in the sky at the same time, our usual golden sun and the red glow of fire from the nuclear bombs.

“Great Britain has a nuclear arsenal, but at what cost?”

Mr Whyte went on to claim: “The veterans who helped in the nuclear experiments are cast aside, and are still waiting for a court to hear their case.

“There is a blood test which shows the level of radiation a person has received.

“Nuclear veterans are denied this test, even the offer of paying for the test is denied.

“Documents showing the true levels of radiation individuals received are hidden from view, and directions given by the judge to release them are ignored.”

Mr Whyte also claimed the action of Britain over 60 years ago could now be to blame for the end of the world – should nuclear war break out.  He continued: “It is said, by many, that nuclear bombs should be abandoned.

“Unfortunately, the technology is now available, and any rogue state can develop their own nuclear weapons.

“North Korea is a good example, they have the weapons now, and will be prepared to use them.

“Sadly, we have nuclear weapons and we cannot dispose of them now. I foresee an Armageddon in the future.”


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