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The week to 5 February, in climate and nuclear news

This week has seen extreme weather in both North and South hemispheres. Yes, there have always been cold snaps and heat waves – “one in a hundred years” events, but climate change is making them more frequent and more extreme.

The world seems to be taking it all too calmly, – that USA and Russia are both about to withdraw from the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty , opening the way to a renewed arms race, and, with Putin and Trump in charge, increasing the risk of nuclear Armageddon.

2 billion people at risk, as Himalaya’s glaciers melt.  Paradoxically, extreme cold weather indicates that global warming is accelerating. Atlantic ocean circulation is being altered, by climate change.

China urges dialogue, as Russia and USA ramp up nuclear weaponry, pull out of weapons treaty.– Why so little public anxiety about risk of nuclear war? With Putin and Trump in charge!!

How the utilities financial system is rigged to give the nuclear industry the advantage.

Storage of nuclear waste a ‘global crisis’ as stockpile reaches 250,000 tons, Greenpeace warns.

Sending dummies into space, to test effects of radiation on women.

ITALY. Radioactive poisoning by the world’s military – the scandalous case of Sardinia.



UK. UK’s ageing nuclear power stations are likely to close early. UK’s Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s under-reported analysis – renewables cheaper than new nuclear.

INDIA. India’s Kudankulam nuclear power station means big debt to Russia.

HUNGARYCountries going into deep nuclear debt to Russia; Hungary the latest victim of this political blackmail.

CANADASNC-Lavalin, with its record of corruption should be barred from federal contracts. Grim outlook for uranium industry -financial analyst Jayant Bhandari.

SWITZERLAND. Employee faked radiation test data at Swiss nuclear plant.

FRANCE. Pump malfunction causes shutdown at Flamanville nuclear reactor.

BANGLADESH. Nuclear power: Surviving on secrecy and misinformation.

TAIWAN. Taiwan to abolish nuclear power in 2025.

RUSSIA. Russia also to withdraw from Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) treaty, weakening weapons control. Russia’s Plan to Solve the North Korea Nuclear Crisis?

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech industry minister: nuclear reactor tender not realistic in 2019 .


February 5, 2019 - Posted by | Christina's notes



    Demonstration of rocket 9M729 for military attaches
    © Sputnik/ Vladimir Astapkovich
    ‘Doomsday Clock is Ticking’: Prof. Warns About Implications of US’ INF Pull-Out
    20:13 04.02.2019
    The US officially suspended its participation in the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty on 2 February 2019. Speaking to Sputnik, American academic Majia H. Nadesan expressed concern over the dissolution of arms control agreements by Washington, as well as the bellicose rhetoric and intensification of hybrid and information warfare.

    “The doomsday clock is ticking, but it appears that we are going to waste what time we have left ascertaining our mutual destruction,” warned Majia H. Nadesan, a professor of communication in the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University, while commenting on the US’ withdrawal from the INF Treaty.

    On 2 February 2019, the US State Department announced Washington’s pull-out from the 1987 INF Treaty under the pretext of Russia’s 9M729 missile (NATO codename SSC-8) violating the pact.

    A bundle of three Soviet RSD-10 missiles prepared for demolition at the Kapustin Yar launch site. The missiles were destroyed in accordance with the INF Treaty.
    Former French FM Urges US, Russia to Agree on Alternative If INF Treaty Ends
    “[Russia] remains in material breach of its obligations not to produce, possess, or flight-test a ground-launched, intermediate-range cruise missile system with a range between 500 [311 miles] and 5,500 kilometres”, the US State Department said in a statement.
    Moscow has repeatedly denied the accusations and held an official presentation of the rocket for US, EU and NATO representatives on 23 January 2019. However, the bodies snubbed the event.

    “The New Cold War, whose contours are being chiselled in bellicose rhetoric, the dissolution of arms control agreements, and intensification of hybrid and information warfare, serves no interests beyond short term economic profiteering by the international ‘merchants of death’ and acquisitive industries in oil and energy [especially] that benefit from hostile and mercantile relationships among states,” Nadesan told Sputnik.

    The US anti-missile station Aegis Ashore Romania is pictured at the military base in Deveselu, Romania
    Russia to React to US Exit From INF Treaty by Military-Technical Means – Lavrov
    The academic emphasised that she doesn’t understand “the logic of annihilation that is governing the US and other nations’ escalation of conflict in our time of collective need”.
    She bemoaned the fact that while “climate change, resource depletion, environmental degradation, and the immediate needs of people [have been] displaced by these forces”, “pointless wars” have been prioritised.

    “We see closing diplomatic doors and re-invigorated arms races capable of delivering weapons old and new in design that present truly existential risks,” Nadesan highlighted.

    According to the professor, “there are no innocent powers, no nations free of subterfuge”, however, “the US as the former reigning hegemon has betrayed the trust of people everywhere when pretending to protect democracy and security while unravelling fragile international alliances and ignoring the growing eco and humanitarian crises facing us all”.

    “Trust, peace and cooperation are the only way we will survive. People everywhere need to stand up for these values and demand that their leaders embrace them”, she believes.

    Comment by John q | February 6, 2019 | Reply

  2. Wyoming DEQ invites comment on Western Nuclear’s request for 7-fold increase of nitrate standard in groundwater at Split Rock uranium mill site (Wyoming)

    That’s quite interesting, there was a fair amount of Russian nuclear interests in Wyoming, if I recall correctly. Also, I remember fraudulent inventory/shipping quantities from around there too.

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 6, 2019 | Reply

    • I’m not suggesting that’s related to the Russian nuclear interests there, just trying to point out other nuclear stuff.

      Poor regulation and standards, request for higher contamination, fraudulence, etc. It’s about par for the nuclear industry.

      Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 6, 2019 | Reply

  3. This could pretty important, and telling.

    “The Supreme Court will decide in 2019 whether a Virginia law that bans uranium mining is preempted by the Atomic Energy Act, the U.S. law governing the processing and enrichment of nuclear material. “

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 6, 2019 | Reply

  4. I’m guessing there are some similar articles to these, I can’t say as I can’t watch that sort of thing.

    Donald Trump plans a nuclear arms race in his State of the Union”

    “Donald Trump’s nuclear diplomacy was on full display in his State of the Union speech on Tuesday, which included the revelation of an upcoming meeting between Trump and North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un in Vietnam on February 27 and 28.

    Contemplating his recent decision to withdraw the US from the Intermediate Nuclear Forces treaty with Russia, Trump mused that “perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement, adding China and others, or perhaps we can’t—in which case, we will outspend and out-innovate all others by far.””

    Great. Again. Just great.

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 7, 2019 | Reply

  5. Oh I missed this. And it’s total crap. That link with the classic “lone” “rogue” employee doing things that would somehow only be associated with management…

    I mean come on, without incentivization (it’s a word?), directive and/or threat, there’s absolutely no reason something like that should happen. Convenient scapegoat though.

    But let’s say, even if that worker was the crazy bizarro mental case that for some ungodly reason needed to fabricate test results that would somehow be most beneficial for the facility and/or regulating bodies, industry in general…even if that was the case, it’s a sign of incompetence on behalf of those facilities, regulators and industry involved.

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 7, 2019 | Reply

  6. Yay, more internal sabotage-like stuff. American government and regulatory bodies have been on a roll lately.

    “Utah lawmakers advance bill on radioactive waste that might pave the way for disposal of depleted uranium
    A bill that could effectively reverse Utah’s 14-year-old ban on accepting class B and C radioactive waste cleared a legislative committee this week, raising concerns among environmentalists that lawmakers are trying to clear a path for depleted uranium to be disposed of in the state’s West Desert.
    Rep. Carl Albrecht, R-Richfield, said his HB220 is needed to square Utah regulations with anticipated revisions to federal standards from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. […] The environmental group HEAL Utah argues HB220 could require regulators to consider depleted uranium as class A waste and ignore the increasing toxicity. This is because the bill would require waste to be classified at the time of its acceptance. (Salt Lake Tribune Feb. 6, 2019)”

    Comment by Frank Labuschagne | February 7, 2019 | Reply

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