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Air Traffic Controllers File Suit Against Trump For Forcing Them To Work Without Pay; Posing Grave Danger To The Public — Mining Awareness +

Not just safety of the skies is in danger, but safety on the ground, if planes crash. This is what happens when you leave a de facto enemy foreign agent as head of state. Chaos and danger; the war within. Those who failed to start the impeachment process from day one of Trump’s presidency are […]

via Air Traffic Controllers File Suit Against Trump For Forcing Them To Work Without Pay; Posing Grave Danger To The Public — Mining Awareness +


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  1. That is how fascists work. Promise one thing and do the direct opposite when elected. Privatize everything for maximal corporatism o
    And exploitation of the people and environment. Deregulate and then go in to perpetuate the big lie forever with an iron fist. Trump is certainly doing it in America. Especially with Nuclear. Same for all the other newly minted fascist states and they are extremely Pro Nuclear.
    Trump Perry and Bill gates see big money in the scheme, to build gates sketchy-dangerous, molten salt travelling wave reactors in the US. Gates sees dollars signs in america with the reactors, after the Chinese turned him down. Gates know Trump can help him get the reactors going in America by further deregulating, nuclear and having the taxpayers finance Gates!

    Hopefully France will not end up w a fascist government like in Hungaria. In Hungary, people are forced to work 400 extra hours a year no overtime. They elected a fascist government.

    There is Bolnasaro, in Brazil who is cutting the minimum wage while slashing programs for the poor. . Bolnasaro brags about how he will destroy the rain Forrest. He brags about go he will killi all the indigenous people in the rain forrest . Bolnasaro brags about building many new nuclear reactors in Brazil like the fascists in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Russia Japan. The fascists and Nazis the nsa and Bannon are seeding.

    The nazis in Ukraine , sell postage stamps with pictures of their heros from ww2 , Nazi Germany SS Waffen

    Trump is getting more fascist. Bannon and the NSA are taking advantage of the economic and social chaos in the world to put fascists in power in most of the world. The fascists are as bad or worse than centrists like Macron or Clinton. They immediately cut taxes for the rich like Bolnasaro, trump and Omran of Hungar.

    Same for Poland. They cut social programs, lower the minimum wage, get rid of overtime like Orban has in Hungary so people have mandatory overtimework of400 hours year. People in Hungary are rioting over forced slave labor but it is doubtful they can do anything.

    Bolnasaro got into power in Brazil with Bannon using Cambridge analytica and facebook to appeal to the backbone fascists and zealots and mobilize them . They had a big hand from the US, CIA and NSA to prosecute a coup that eliminated political opposition.
    Bolnasaro in Brazil is slashing the minimum wage, wants to kill all the poor and indigenous with death squads . he says he will breach all free speech and rights. He brags about climate denial building nuclear power plants everywhere and wiping out the rain forest.

    Trump declares a state of emergency while he deregulated nuclear in america, so he Perry, bill gates can make make billions taking in the worlds high level nuclear waste. So trump Bill Gates and Perry can building thousands of Bill Gates extremely dangerous salt cooled nuclear reactors.

    All of the fascists are pronuclear in this post fukushima world, even in Nazi-Chernobyl- Ukraine and fascist Belarus. And

    Same in Poland. The baltics.

    Bannon and the fascists are working on Spain and France. Marie Le pen the Fascist fascist in France is bragging that she has enough financial support from Peole like Bannon to stage a fascist coup in France like Bolnasaro did in Brazil. They promise one thing then, screw everyone over with perpetual lies once they have totalitarian fascist capture.

    In Japan they are doing the same things and worse. The state secrets nuclear act. Opening decrepit damages reactors.
    The purpose is So Brannon , Trump, the elites can have fascist-totalitarian cronies all over the world in this time of extreme economic and environmental chaos.

    Rape what’s left of the earth. Turn the people into slaves. Declare martial law states. suk the people totally dry. Poison the heck out of everything . To turn the earth into an irreversable nuclear and poisonous hell with flawed-dangerous Russian-reactors everywhere.

    The extreme right-wing trumptrolls and climate deniers that claimed to be antinuclear in the beginning of the fukushima tragedy were simply ringers and spooks. They did it, to pull more wingnuts and racists into their fold . They then said, having nuclear power plants, nuclear bombs and nuclear waste don’t matter as long as right wing extremists are in power.

    Comment by D. thomas | January 13, 2019 | Reply

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