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UK’s Sizewell nuclear project – a monstrous folly that is shrouded in misleading information

TASC 9th Jan 2019 , TASC’s initial opinion of the EDF 3rd stage consultation is that it is
‘vague to the point of being misleading.’ Pete Wilkinson, the group’s
chairman, said today, ‘This is the last chance before the Development
Consent Order for people of east Suffolk to submit their views about how
the proposed EDF development will affect their lives.
‘The glossy  consultation brochure states baldly that, ‘An Environmental Impact
Assessment (EIA) process is on-going and is being used to identify any
likely significant effects arising as a result of Sizewell C’ (emphasis
added). This renders the document premature and deliberately vague to the
point of being misleading.
How can people therefore judge whether they feel
the impacts are acceptable or not when the developer itself does not know
to what degree and in which areas the environment will be degraded?
Consultees are being asked, in effect, how they want the deck chairs
arranged on the Titanic. TASC believes we should not embark on the Titanic
at all and we encourage all those who agree with us to write to EDF, Dr
Coffey and Greg Clark, the government minister responsible for this
unnecessary monstrosity on our precious coast, to tell them so.’ TASC’s
opinion is that very little of significance has changed since the 2nd
The “Road-Led” vs “Rail-Led” strategies appear to be
no more than a red herring to distract from the overriding fact that
Sizewell C will have a devastating and unacceptable impact on the Suffolk
coastal community. This is a rural area lacking in the type of
infrastructure needed to construct such a massive industrial complex. It is
this lack of major roads and railway lines that has made this area a mecca
for walkers, cyclists, bird watchers and those that just enjoy the peace
and tranquility of a beautiful landscape. There is no doubt that the
monstrous folly of Sizewell C will put all this, and the vibrant and
sustainable tourist industry that has developed around it, at risk.

January 12, 2019 - Posted by | politics, UK

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