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AREVA – ORANO? -Framatome? – corruption in the air yet again for France’s nuclear corporation?

Orano’s activities in Mongolia under judicial investigation for suspicion of corruption 19th Dec 2018 These suspicions of “bribery of a foreign public official” involve one of the service providers of Orano, the consulting firm Eurotradia International.

The French nuclear group Orano, [or is it Framatome?] formerly Areva, is in the sights of the national prosecutor’s office that investigates suspicions of corruption in Mongolia, it was learned, Wednesday, December 19,from sources close to the case. These suspicions of “bribery of a foreign public official” involve one of the service providers of Orano, the consulting firm Eurotradia International.

Anti-corruption campaign in Mongolia

In October 2013, under the chairmanship of Luc Oursel, Areva entered into a strategic partnership to exploit two uranium deposits in the Gobi Desert (southeast) with Mongolian Mon-Atom and Japan’s Mitsubishi. The agreement came after more than ten years of exploration of the French group in Mongolia, but it remained uncertain until the last moment. The project had sparked strong environmental opposition in this huge country of three million inhabitants, whose subsoil is rich in ores (uranium, copper, gold, coal).

The case is part of an anti-corruption campaign in Mongolia where, in another case, two former prime ministers were jailed in April for controversial deals with the mining giant, Anglo-Australian Rio Tinto.

In addition, the French nuclear group has already been targeted since 2015 by a preliminary survey of the PNF. This case, dubbed “uraniumgate”, is about the controversial sale in the fall of 2011, a large amount of Nigerian uranium for $ 320 million.

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  1. The people of France should revolt for a green deal and close them all down

    Comment by Doug | December 22, 2018 | Reply

    • I don’t mean to be “that guy”, Doug (I get the feeling I know you, not sure why), but considering Orano/Framatome/Areva/etc presence and popularity in America, what with all the supply, processing and the weapons, government deals and such (mostly DOD/DOE I guess) it might actually be more effective if Americans revolt. Especially if you also consider the varied assortment of hundreds of nuclear mining, waste, processing facilities and sites, aside from power plants.

      Comment by Frank Labuschagne | December 23, 2018 | Reply

      • Why shouldn’t the French, the Americans – and heck, everybody else revolt against these crooked, rapacious, polluting, nuclear corporations?

        Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 23, 2018

      • I honestly can’t disagree with that, it was a sort of rhetorical reply to projection issues, where often states are incapable of looking internally.

        “Oh no, the French control the American nuclear industry, the French should revolt”. A bit of irony in that.

        Comment by Frank Labuschagne | December 24, 2018

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