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Nuclear a more serious problem than climate change – a thinker reflects on the nuclear future

Opinion from a concerned reader, 18 Dec 18  I think the nuclear problem is more serious than climate change.
I do not know if anything can be done, to shut down enough reactors in time, in the world, to stem the dangerous massive creation of hi level waste, and prevent more fukushimas. That is, before it goes beyond the point of no return, where there is so much radionuclides poison , in the environment, that life on earth is doomed and cannot come back. It maybe too late already.
Too much radionuclides waste in the environment.

I feel like hot-button issues like nuclear, are used by propagandists as propgens, to insidiously pawn-off their polarizing propaganda memes or just throw-out rightwing propaganda- blurbs going at opportune moments.
As far as ideological memes go, we are constantly presented, with smoke screens and false dichotomies.
There is the soros meme. He is like the evil enemy of the state in Orwells1984.

do not know what he really is. I do not think he is a radical leftist. Are globalists, radical leftists? No they are part of the neoliberal and neoconservative elites.

More rightwing groups, that have elements of the same neoliberal, neoconservative, corporatist elements, with strong racist-authoritarian inclinatibons are not really populist and do little for common people.
They border on fascism, or are fascist.

What is very scary is the fact that the Paris demonstrations are laying the groundwork for another election in France.
The demonstrations are setting up the groundwork for the fascist Marine La Pen to take power. Very topsey-turkey to me.

If the French go with La Pen as Macron loses it, the Frences, and worlds, troubles have only begun. They will be like The USA, Japan, The Ukraine, Brazil, eastern Europe. More appeasement of the rich and corporations.

Hate and racism will grow more pitched.

Superficially, it will look like things are better because they will appease corporations, and make it appear to be cutting taxes for all classes . There maybe some extra low wage jobs created. They will keep reactors open, to appease nuclear workers and privatize the nuclear industry, more. There will be less security for pensioners, not more, as trump has done . There will be more cuts to commons and loss of civil liberties in favor of corporations.

There will be greater risk of nuclear accidents, of war, of civil unrest . Nuclear will again be highly favored in France, like it is in the rash of eastern European authoritarian regimes.  More dangerous reactors will be kept open or maybe all of them, with attempts to build new ones. The nationalist scree, will call for greater resource exploitation in their old colonies in Africa. They will probably jump on board with new the new calls from mics and the emboldened neoconservatives in America for new arms race plans.
So crazy

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