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A reminder that nuclear power has no part as a solution to climate change

Beyond Nuclear 2nd Dec 2018 , Linda Walker:  Back
in the UK, the Labour Party needs to listen. How many times have you heard
people say ‘I would much rather not have nuclear power but we need it to
combat climate change’? This claim has been made so many times by the
nuclear industry and its supporters that many people now just accept it as
the lesser of two evils.

But the development of new nuclear power plants is
actually no part of the solution to tackling climate change, and is in fact
a big part of the problem.

Nuclear power is not carbon-free; is
prohibitively expensive; all projects overrun wildly on both time and budget; is a source of harmful waste which no one yet knows what to dowith; provides a terrorist target; produces routine emissions which are
harmful to health; power plants are vulnerable to the flooding which will
come as sea levels rise, and have to close down in times of drought;
Chernobyl and Fukushima have shown the widespread and long-term health and
environmental impact of accidents; and even nuclear advocates have recently
admitted the close links to nuclear weapons.

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