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All arms controls treaties threatened as USA prepares to abandon one

As One Arms Treaty Falls Apart, Others Look Shakier, U.S-Russia sparring over Cold War accord on nuclear missiles raises broader concerns on traditional framework for arms control, WSJ, By Michael R. Gordon, Dec. 7, 2018 

The impending collapse of a Cold War-era treaty banning U.S. and Russian intermediate-range missiles is spurring broader concerns about the very future of arms control.

Responding to appeals from its European allies, the Trump administration has given Moscow 60 days to resolve the U.S. allegations that it has punched a hole in the accord by deploying ground-launched cruise missiles.

A central question in the dispute is whether anything can be done to patch up the 1987 accord and, if not, whether a separate treaty limiting long-range nuclear arms, which will lapse in early 2021 unless extended, will be the next domino to fall.………

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