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This week in climate and nuclear news

Anti-science got a boost this week, as the “leader of the free world” Donald Trump, visiting the catastrophic California wildfire sites, reaffirmed his rejection of climate science.    The Trump administration went on to deny its own government’s dire new report on climate change. It is disturbing and sad, to see so many people accepting the doctrine, which was named by Carl Sagan decades ago, – climate denial. Even as the evidence mounts – of rising global average temperatures, arctic melting, sea level rise, and increasing extreme weather events,- politicians and much of the media promote the fossil fuel line of denial.

The world heads for Armageddon, as nuclear weapons control is wound back.

IAEA Director General Amano says Iran is abiding by nuclear deal, says North Korea should re-admit inspectors.

Study shows that women care more than men do, about climate change.(surprise, surprise)    Sir David Attenborough to speak for the people at UN climate summit.

Julian Assange at risk, as changes occur in Ecuadorian Embassy.

BANGLADESH. Climate change, rising sea levels, salty drinking water and increased miscarriages.


RUSSIA. Russia to give up its policy of ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons.



UK. Frightening projections by UK’s Met Office on impacts of climate change, rising seas. UK’s environmental campaigners “Extinction Rebellion” block roads around London’s Parliament Square.

Sellafield – a nuclear misuse of public funds – and Hinkley Point C will be the next. UK customers to pay in advance for Hinkley nuclear power, AND cop the financial risk?  Architects awarded contest prize for nuclear project that is now cancelled.  Calls for permanent shutdown of Hunterston nuclear reactor 3, with its 350 cracks.    Uncertainty and delay, as UK struggles with plans for dealing with radioactive trash.

VIETNAM. Vietnam government abandons costly nuclear power plans.  Taiwan to host Asian anti-nuclear forum in 2019 .

TAIWAN. Taiwan still on track to become nuclear-free, despite pro-nuclear referendum.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria’s Belene Nuclear Power Plant project unlikely to ever be built, now needs EU approval.

CZECH REPUBLIC. Czechs consider nuclear power options: would require tax-payer funding.

SOUTH AFRICADoubts on future of South Africa’s nuclear research reactors, with glut of medical isotopes, and with particle accelerator production.

FRANCE. France could shut down up to six nuclear reactors by 2028.

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  1. It sucks for me to know that i am living in a place where most of the food i can afford and, get is laced with pesticides. Where there are mountains of garbage and plastic shit everywhere. Where the air is full of particulates, carbon monoxide, heavy metal poisons, and who knows what else. Same for the water. The gross pollution is as bad in rural areas, the air and water quality is too.

    A country and place where no matter where you go, people spend most of their time in shitwagons, driving around buying shit they do not need or more contaminated food . This will be another great season for ebay and amazon as well, this year again. I am sure!

    When people are not driving and buying, they are being hyperentertained in consumer fantasyland or brainwashed by cable news.
    Then some go to church on sunday, where this lifestyle is condoned and encouraged, though it is grossly bereft of any spiritual or contemplative value.

    Pretty much a fake self-devouring society.
    If u aint into playing the game, you are  largely not welcome. You are isolated because your fellow monkeys consider u the lowest of low from not playing the consumption monkey game as much as they think, u should

    What a messed up country what a messed up loser president and government of crooks

    A clown spent 100 milion of taxpayers money golfing where and when it wants. Gasses and innocent children. Preaches racism, hate, jingoistic-lies, fascism, more lies at every turn

    Water full of radium uranium from fracking ff burning and refining. The worst Radioactive waste everywhere even in smoke detectors

    Comment by Clara | November 27, 2018 | Reply

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