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The Engineer invites you to vote on nuclear power for UK

Poll results as at late 21st November 
It’s essential to our low carbon future. Government must sort out its funding policy.  32.12 %  
It’s the end the road for big nuclear, SMRs are the future  20.73%   
Nuclear won’t deliver. It’s time to prioritise investment in renewables  20.92%   
None of the above  3.64% 

This week’s poll: has UK nuclear new build hit the rails? The Engineer, UK

20th November 2018 It is now more than five years since former Prime Minister David Cameron, announcing the deal with EDF to build Hinkley Point C, hailed the start of new era of nuclear power generation in the UK.

Today, the controversial project remains the only truly tangible manifestation of Cameron’s rallying cry, and following Toshiba’s recent decision to wind up NuGen (the company which was to build a new power plant in Cumbria) it is the only member of the UK’s fleet to actually get the go ahead…….

Meanwhile, NuGen CEO Tom Samson, said that the government’s recent introduction of a new legislative framework for nuclear new build had put off potential buyers for the project.

In this week’s poll we’re asking what you think the future holds for this increasingly problematic area of the UK energy sector. With no-one stepping up to rescue the Cumbrian project, does the NuGen decision represent the first nail in the coffin for the UK’s nuclear new build plans? Or is there another way forward?….

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