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THEY OCCURRED IN 1959, 1964, 1969, Doug Carrol 19 Nov 18
“Until 2006, the site was operated by private corporations for federal agencies — chiefly NASA. The problems there began in 1959, when a nuclear reactor partially melted down, contaminating portions of the hilltop facility and spewing radioactive gases into the atmosphere. That incident wasn’t publicly disclosed until 1979. By then, more mishaps had followed, including reactor accidents in 1964 and 1969. The worst contamination is thought to be in a parcel known as Area IV, where the meltdown occurred”

20 years of the worst radioactive shit in the universe accumulated in simi valley, where the horrendous fire occured this past week. The place has not been cleaned up. The fires, that englufed Ventura county and Malibu.  3 nuclear meltdowns occured at Santa susana in a 10 year period. Multiple ignitions of shitty nuclear reactor engines, that just spewed radioactive shit into the valley, everytime they fired it off.  The recent fires in ventura county, picked up that cesium 137, plutonium yada yada yada, and suspended it in the air all over so cal. Everyone there is breathing it.

I knew a Doctor raised south of Santa Susana. His one and only child, was born deaf and blind with deformities. His three siblings died of cancer, at relatively young ages.

Frank Zappa was from lancaster, and went to High School close to there. His father was affiliated with government research close to santa susana. FRANK may not have been in Lancaster when the first meltdown occured, but there was nuclear research there in the early 50s.

Watch for a massive uptick in the incidence of Reactive airway disease, intractable respiratory infections in children this winter.  Watch for a large spike cancer, in the next few years in socal.

Pediatric Cancers Near the Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Frank Zappa died of the most hideous, fast growing metastatic-prostate cancer possible. That was at age 53.

Now Russia says, they are gonna build a nuclear rocket to send to mars. Like the Nuclear Rockets and reactors, the USA were testing at Santa Susana.

Russia can barely make nuclear submarines, that do not irradiate their crews ro death, after a few runs.  Even their newest, most modern reactor designs are atrocious heaps of junk. They tried testing a nuclear propelled cruise missile ecently, and lost it to further irradiate the hell out of the earths oceans.

Russia’s newest commercial nuclear reactors, that they are pawning off on 3rd and 2nd world countries, have big problems. They leak like a sieve of tritium and the worst radionuclides. They have shitty containment. Their structural integrity is so poor, they can blow at any time. The fuel they use is unstable and dangerous.

I predict the Russians will kill a few thousand people, building their nuclear rocket-death-trap. They will permanently contaminate, a few towns in siberia-Santa Susana-style. They will ruin all life there. They will  give, what workers that survive the project short lives and cancer, with great risk of reproducing.

When they do get  their nuclear Mars abomination  going, they will probably have an accident shooting the nuclear motor into orbit. There will be a few hundred or more pounds of plutonium chunks and massive amounts of radioactive plutonium vapor, dispersed on the earth.

If they do get a nuclear rocket up, it will most likely irradiate its crew to death, quite quickly or explode when they fire-up the nuclear reactor  motor and, try to push fuel through it. The fuel that exits the reactor  rocket nozzle, to propel their howdy-doody nuclear spaceship is radioactive as fuk, by the way. Just like the propellent exiting the nuclear rocket nozzle, at Santa susana, when they were testing nuclear rocket motors at Santa Susana. Only the russians have a worse record with exploding small nuclear reactors than murica does.  Major accidents have occured  several times, with new russian, submarine projects.

Let us say the russian-nuke spaceship, does get them past the moon. It will probably begin irradiating the crew as they venture into the void, to mars because  of the crappy reactor they will be using.  That and, the unavoidable large amounts of cosmic radiation they will be exposed to, on the way to mars and there is no way to shield it! The crew, will be radiation sick, within the first quarter of the journey to mars.

I knew a Doctor from Russia, who was a survivior of the Chazma Bay Nuclear Submarime-Reactor explosion.

The Nuclear submarine, exploded in the dock. The lady is Permanently disabled. More people were damaged   by it than is known.

There was the Kurkst nuclear sub explosion, in the barrent sea. There was a recent Russian  nuclear submarine accident in 2011. There has have been mishaps in designing reactors for submarines, nuclear powered missiles, and nuclear powered rockets in Russia and the United States.

The US media  ignores and allows half-truths too, as we already know.  There were the 3 releases, associated with the experimental sodium reactor, at Santa Susana. The “Mishaps” occured between 1958 and 1971.

People in murica are brainwashed to accept mistruths and deliberate omissions.. Areas of the western United states, are twice as irradiated, as some of the bad places in Russia. There have been Multiple nuclear sub accidents, from murican nuclear subs.


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