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Oil industry worried about safety risks of New Mexoco’s high level nuclear storage

Fasken executive: High level nuclear storage could threaten area’s oil industry mrt, By Mella McEwen, Reporter-Telegram, November 14, 2018 Two applications for sites to serve as interim storage locations for high level nuclear waste in Andrews County and in Lea and Eddy counties, New Mexico, are drawing concern about the risks they pose.

“There is as much nuclear radiation in one cask as was released in Chernobyl in 1986, and they want to eventually bring 20,000 casks here,” said Tommy Taylor, director of oil and gas development for Fasken Oil and Ranch. “One cask has as much radiation as the nuclear bomb dropped on Nagasaki.”

Taylor addressed the Midland chapter, Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists Wednesday in an effort to raise

awareness of the impact the sites could have, not just on Permian Basin communities but on the region’s oil and gas industry.

The Permian Basin is the No. 1 oil producing region in the U.S. It has changed the geopolitical environment around the world,” he said. “This region is too important to U.S. security to allow this.”

SIPES member Stephen Robichaud agreed, pointing out that a serious leak from one of the casks could shut in 100 percent of the nation’s oil and gas production as well as the Ogallala Aquifer, a main source of water for the middle of the country.

Beyond the environmental impact, “we’re talking about monetary damages in the many trillions of dollars. The impact could be enormous,” Robichaud said……..

The applications are for interim storage sites, which Taylor said is between 40 and 100 years.

“What we’re worried about is, it could be stored here permanently,” he said. “The government has been looking for a permanent site for 40 years and hasn’t found one yet. This waste could be for our lifetime, our children’s lifetimes, maybe even our grandchildren’s lifetimes.”……


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