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The week in climate and nuclear news – to 31 October

Climate changeBig Trouble on a Small Planet     The world is pumping out more oil and other petroleum liquids than ever before.   Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere broke another record in 2018.

Climate change is already affecting human society in some terrible ways. Persistent drought is one main cause of the migration of Central Americans towards the USA –   where they will be confronted by 5,000 soldiers!

In matters nuclear, the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Arabia embassy in Turkey has brought world attention to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who almost certainly ordered this killing. Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record, abuses in Yemen, and international condemnation of the murder make its bid to become a nuclear nation a big worry to the rest of the world. But Trump is still keen to sell weapons and nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia.

World peace teetering again, as President Trump, egged on by his belligerent National Security Advisor John Bolton, prepares to abandon the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty with Russia.

Investigative journalismHALF-LIFE   Chad Walde believed in his work at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Then he got a rare brain cancer linked to radiation, and the government denied it had any responsibility.

New global approaches needed to tackle climate change. Climate change bringing more droughts, more extreme rainfalls, more often.

America’s decision to abandon arms control treaty would be a ‘dire threat to world peace’ – Gorbachev.

Study of 120,000 hibakusha atomic bomb survivors shows raised risk of breast cancer.

Countries are safer to not have nuclear facilities? IAEA training to prepare for cyberattacks on them.

Medical staff need to be more aware of cancer risks in nuclear medicine.

BRAZILBrazil’s new President – a danger to environment and to action against climate change.

SAUDI ARABIA. America shouldn’t trust Saudi Arabia with nuclear technology.  Nuclear power lobbyists for Saudi Arabia finding it (a bit) tough following Jamal Khashoggi ‘s murder.

INDIA. Uranium mining in India – just another kind of nuclear disaster.

EUROPE. New research on impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean.  NATO – Europeans urge USA not to quit nuclear treaty.

UK.   Toshiba to dissolve its British nuclear unit NuGeneration? Future of Bradwell nuclear project in doubt – Chinese company might withdraw.    USA issues stark warning against UK partnering with China on nuclear power stations.  Nuclear facilities in UK – perfect targets for terrorism.   Serious concern in nuclear industry over no-deal Brexit.  UK Law was changed so nuclear waste dumps can be forced on local communities.


RUSSIA. Russia preparing to discuss Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty with USA. Putin warns European nations on hosting US nuclear weapons – risk to them of counter-strike.

JAPAN.  Despite health dangers, Japan is sending residents back to irradiated Fukushima areas.  Stop the return of women and child evacuees to radioactive parts of Fukushima – UN’s call to Japan.  Japan’s government refuses UN call to stop returning evacuees to irradiated areas of Fukushima.   Japan’s Onagawa nuclear reactor No 1 to be scrapped. 5.0 magnitude earthquake off the east coast of Japan, close to Fukushima.

TAIWAN. Taiwan’s phaseout of nuclear power.

FRANCE. France’s people turning away from nuclear power. Prolonged drought leads EDF to curb Fessenheim 2 nuclear reactor output.  French government to decide whether or not to build new EPR nuclear reactors.

EGYPT. Egypt’s renewable energy project – going for the green economy.

AUSTRALIA. Australia’s latest 60 Minutes – on Fukushima – a nuclear infomercial.


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