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Britain’s Ministry of Defence foresees nuclear attacks on Earth, launched from space

Space stations could launch NUCLEAR attacks on Earth in 30 years – shock MoD report

SPACE stations could launch nuclear attacks on Earth in 30 years, the Ministry of Defence has warned in a shock report on the growing threat of a nuclear space race. The threat of a nuclear space race comes as countries look to expand their arsenal of weapons outside the earths atmosphere.

By LUKE HAWKER, EXPRESS UK Oct 21, The MoD have been alerted to the devastating prospect of a “space-based weapons systems” with nuclear capabilities as early as 2050.

A report called the ‘Future Starts Today’ outlines the “critical point” the world has reached in relation to warfare.

Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson acknowledged the “dangerous” state of the world.

He said: “This report makes clear that we are living in a world becoming rapidly more dangerous, with intensifying challenges from state aggressors who flout the rules, terrorists who want to harm our way of life and the technological race with our adversaries…………

As the advancement of technology increases the prospect of military space bases has come to fruition with nuclear warheads circling earth.

These weapons would have “global reach” and be unseen by those on Earth.

The destructive power of a nuclear electromagnetic pulse weapon – detonated in the air rather than on the ground – will be developed to knock out whole cities and even countries.

Electromagnetic pulses have the ability to shut down anything running on electrical power therefore, lights, communications, heating systems would all stop working in an instant.

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