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Nuclear Power and PUBLIC OPINION – theme for October 2018

You will note that this opinion poll graph  is from 2011.  Out of date? Yes.

The nuclear lobby is not keen on public opinion polling. And for good reason. This is the  most recent global polling, coming up with 62% of people worldwide. opposed to nuclear power.

BUT, if you search for graphs on public opinion and nuclear power – you will find many recent ones that appear to show that the nuclear industry is now popular.

The global nuclear lobby has been very careful, since 2011 to conduct polls with “loaded” wording – hence those many “favourable” graphs to be found on the internet.

Opinion polls depend on the wording, as well as on the sample size and constituency of the respondents. There are polls that focus on nuclear weapons as being distinct from “peaceful” nuclear power, polls that suggest that nuclear is essential for medicine. for climate change action, and so on.

Yes, there are communities that support nuclear power. That includes many communities where many depend on the industry for their livelihood.

The nuclear industry is in top gear, trying to win the hearts and minds of people.  But, it’s not succeeding.  Sadly, it is winning (through expensive lobbying and funding) the hearts and minds of politicians  – and of course, all those whose career depends on nuclear power.

Of course, even this poll was not totally accurate, in every detail.  There are gaps –   what do the people think, in totalitarian China, or Russia?

But, it must be a worry to the nuclear industry, that so many scientists, from so many disciplines –   medical, climate, environmental, radiological, now oppose nuclear power.  Not to mention the economists, who point out the costs of the total nuclear fuel chain.

In the coming months, the nuclear lobby will go all out to change public opinion. Their biggest push will be to downplay the health effects of ionising radiation, and to portray Fukushima nuclear meltdown as now solved – a healthy place to stage the 2020 Olympics.

The nuclear lobby will even push the idea that nuclear radiation is beneficial – even is a prevention and a treatment for various illnesses.

But it will be an uphill fight, for the global  trend is now to distrust the nuclear industry, and for good reason.


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