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Russia’s campaign for power globally via its nuclear reactor exports

Is the global nuclear industry Russia’s latest power play? , Telegraph UK 4 Oct 18   “…….Amid the financial fallout of the West’s attempts at a new nuclear dawn, Russia is quietly building an army of nuclear reactors across the world in an increasingly important power play for a country that has traditionally been powered by fossil fuels.

Kirill Komarov, the first deputy chief executive of Russia’s Rosatom, is also the head of the World Nuclear Association. It is a fitting role for man helping to lead Russia’s global nuclear expansion.

“We are the ultimate leader in the majority of nuclear sectors,” he says, and it is hard to disagree. “In the last 11 years we have commissioned 13 new nuclear plants, which is probably the biggest number in the world even compared to the increase from our Chinese friends.”………

“We are a unique company in that we have activities in all areas of the nuclear business; starting with mining of natural uranium, enrichment fuel fabrication, developing our own nuclear equipment, the construction of nuclear power plants, the decommissioning, waste management… everything,” says Komarov…..

says Tim Yeo, a former Tory MP and the leader of New Nuclear Watch, an industry-backed lobby group.

“They back this up with helpful vendor financing packages, which the Russian government is ready to support where necessary,”………


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