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French film docuementary – “Nuclear power – the end of a myth”

Public Senat 22nd Sept 2018 By 2028, 34 of the 58 reactors will be celebrating their fortieth
anniversary, the maximum operating age set during the construction of the
park. EDF over-indebted does not have the means to replace these reactors
at the end of their life.

This film tells how France, by political choice,
became totally dependent on nuclear energy until it got into a dangerous
impasse. This film also shows that, at the same time as the aging of
nuclear power plants, several strategic dams at EDF are showing some
worrying signs of weakness.

Who were the players in this nuclear power
strategy? How was it imposed behind the scenes of the State, what were the
key moments? What are the real reasons and risks today for extending the
life of the fleet in operation? A rigorous investigation at the heart of
the French nuclear machine with the testimonies of the various actors of
the sector.


Liberation 21st Sept 2018, [Machine Translation]
The utopia of French nuclear energy dismantled, from
the “Messmer plan” to the EPR. Public Senate broadcasts this Saturday night
“Nuclear, the end of a myth”, a new docu supported on the flaws of the atom
industry. A useful light at a time when the government must decide on the
future of its reactors. The demolition of the French nuclear “model” and
its national narrative has become a popular subject. After the Big Lie seen
on Arte (who attacked the taboo of an attack on power plants) and Impasse
broadcast by France 5 (which told how the damn shipyard EPR reactor is
“sinking” EDF), here is Nuclear, the end of a myth, that we can discover
this Saturday at 9 pm on Public Senate.

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