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The week in nuclear news

Huge clean-up tasks face areas affected by Super Typhoon Mangkhut and Hurricane Florence. In the many reports of these extreme weather events, climate change is rarely mentioned. Also played down is the effect on the nuclear industry. Thankfully, there seems to have been no big nuclear disaster. But there is little or no coverage of the effects on hazardous radioactive waste dumps.

Investigative journalism: Authorities deceive the public on radiation from Fukushima Daiichi

Sea levels could rise by up to 30 feet, due to Antarctic melting.

U.N. looks forward to more countries signing and ratifying nuclear ban treaty.

Civil and military nuclear industries locked in dependence on each other.

Heavy radiation effect on astronauts to Mars – now can be measured.

The big lie of ionising radiation hormesis.

NORTH and SOUTH  KOREA . Peaceful agreement between North and South Korea – but little of substance on denuclearization.  North Korea is willing to allow outside inspectors to check its closed nuclear weapons test site.

IRAN and ISRAEL. UN is being pressed by Iran and Israel – each wanting action against the other.

JAPAN. Tepco to build finally extra sea wall to reinforce Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.  Fukushima United Nations OHCR report update 18th September 2018 IDP. Japan tries to dilute tritium danger. Massive flow of money into Japanese coal and nuclear power.

CANADA. The second nuclear industry stillbirth – Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs). Canada’s Brookfield in talks with Toshiba, about buying British new nuclear init NuGen.

EUROPE. Big companies including Facebook, Google and Microsoft not supporting EU’s plan for more ambitious climate change goals.


FRANCE. French nuclear industry in turmoil, – inadequate welds at Flamanville nuclear reactor. The EPR, France and EDF’s nuclear nightmare.

French court orders EDF to release risk analysis about Hinkley nuclear project. It’s not too late to stop it. Financiers desert France’s EPR nuclear power plan for UK’s Hinkley Point C project.


INDIA. Community in Madhya Pradesh protest against proposed nuclear plant .

BELGIUM. Engie warns on profit following Belgian nuclear outages. Five Out of 7 Nuclear Reactors in Belgium Halted – National Regulator.

MALAYSIA. A good move – Malaysia rejecting nuclear energy.    Theft of radioactive materials.

CHINA. Typhoon Mangkhut headed straight for 2 Chinese nuclear power stations.

SLOVAKIA. Several nuclear reactors in Slovakia are out of operation.

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  1. Let me let u in on a little secret, about Utah. On it’s culture. It’s leaders.

    Utah is a passive-aggressive culture that thrives on ignorance, graft, and greed. That is why most of it is a radioactive and chemical weapon test, wasteland.

    The leaders only care about money. Salt lake has the dirtiest air, in the world. One of the highest cancer rates and highest birth-defect, heritable disease rates in the country.

    There are at least 3 nuclear waste dumps around Salt Lake City. By ooele is the one u mentioned. By roy is another. Skull valley another.

    There is a huge biological and chemical weapon storage facility by salt lake. That is the most populous area of the state! The people there are sheep. They do not give a shit as long as their greedy leaders tell them it brings in money and jobs!

    Half of utah in the south are downwinders w the worst uranium contamination in the world! The dummys have the best opportunities for wind and solar in the universe! Most of the small towns are isolated . Many of the small outlying towns, had mini power damns for municipal power 80 years ago. Many navajo towns are solar as well as natural bridges national monument.

    The corrupt leaders in utah want to hook into an expensive nuclear power plant project in idaho for towns that will mean runnin billion dollar power lines across the most ruthless terrain in the world except,
    maybe the himalayas. The leaders there are some of the most coniving, ignorant, brain-warped, and pathologically-braindead psychopaths on the planet!

    They wanna finance a big nuclear reactor, project by utah, after so many have died in southern utah from cancer etc. From the 1000 nuk bombs exploded in nevada and the uranium crap.

    Most people in utah are pretty stupid. They will let the nuclear waste company in Tooele regulate itself and poison the shit of peopke in salt lake. There will be more nuclear waste hauling trucks, catching fire there. Do not fool yurself!

    Comment by Harriet McDonald | September 24, 2018 | Reply

  2. It takes high burnup fuel 20 years to cool, in pools before it can even begin to be managed properly. It can overheat and cause fires. Now trumps nrc, wants to ship it around, on freeways unregulated. Isn’t donny trump a great guy!

    Comment by Doug almay | September 25, 2018 | Reply

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