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North Carolina nuclear stations- danger of spent nuclear fuel over-heating , in the event of an accident

Steve Dale  Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia,  14 Sept 18       This report on North Carolina reactors by the Union of Concerned Scientists –
“Today more than 3,400 metric tons of spent fuel is stored in North Carolina. Over 85% of that spent fuel is stored in large pools of water called spent fuel pools, which are equipped with systems to cool the water that surrounds the hot fuel rods.”
“While concerns about nuclear power safety often focus on the fuel in the reactor core, spent fuel stored in pools also can be a major source of radioactivity during an accident. If water drains from the pool for even a few hours or the cooling system is interrupted for several days, the spent fuel could overheat and its cladding could break open, releasing radioactive material. And because the pools are located outside the thick, concrete containment walls, it is more likely that this radioactive material would reach the environment”

The report was done back in 2011, so not sure if things have improved since then.…/nuclear-power-safety-in-north…

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Under cover of darkness, EDF dumps 2,000 tons of ‘nuclear mud’ near Cardiff, UK


The first of hundreds of consignments of allegedly radioactive mud from the Somerset coast (adjacent to the Hinkley Point nuclear power station) was deposited off Penarth last night under cover of darkness.

The curious looking Belgian motor-hopper Sloeber made her first round trip from Hinkley Point to the Cardiff Grounds – a mile off shore from PenarthShe then  opened-up her belly underwater to disgorge thousands of tonnes of mud on one massive “bowel movement” –   last night .

Although the Conservative-run Vale of Glamorgan Council has protested about the mud dumping scheme, not a single Labour Assembly member, councillor or MP has raised a so much as a peep of protest about what is easily the worst-ever case of deliberate pollution ever witnessed in Wales.

Last night the Belgian hopper MV Sloeber – loaded with 2,000 tonnes of mud dredged from the sea bed adjacent to 3 Somerset nuclear power stations – sailed around the far side of the Monkstone light and skirted the sandbanks. As night fell she turned to port and headed directly towards Penarth,  pausing just a mile offshore to dump her controversial cargo into the shallow sea of the “Cardiff Grounds” – which up to now have only been used to deposit dredged mud from the approach channel to Cardif Docks .

Sloeber’s party trick is to split herself open from stem to stern with both halves of the ship opening up wide below the waterline to allow her cargo of mud to fall out of the ship under its own considerable weight .

In 3 months or so, when  all the thousands of tonnes of  mud from Hinkley Point have been dumped in the sea in Welsh waters,  the French energy company EDF will be able to wash its hands of all responsibility for this material and whatever lurks within it.

…As of last night the first consignment of English ‘nuclear mud’ become Wales’s problem.  The mud dropped from the belly of MV Sloeber last night will soon be washed ashore on the coastline between Penarth  and Lavernock – and could permanently change the shoreline.

Experts say the consequences of this operation – which involves the dumping of over 320,000 tonnes of English nuclear mud in Welsh Waters – may not become apparent for generations.

Meanwhile Sloeber returned to Hinkley Point to load more mud for another visit to Wales later today.

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Breaking news.. Prof. Chris Busby`s home has been raided by … everyone..

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Posted by Shaun McGee

Posted on 13 September 2018


This Image shows the bomb squad turning up at 6.30 pm

A friend of Chris was staying at his souse and was out in Bideford town when she had an emotional issue. She was approached by the police and then the police phoned Chris to make sure he was her friend and that he was acting in a carer role. Chris confirmed that she was living at his home in Bideford.

It would seem that the police escorted her back to Chris`s house and then entered the property. According to reports by Devon Live.

Police began searching the house after they saw his laboratory. They spent 3 hours in the premises causing a large amount of speculation withing the local community who mostly knew who he was . After 3 hours 2 fire engines and their staff were then parked up near the house. nearly six hours later, it was the turn of the bomb squad! And while all that was going on “experts” had been called in to assess Chris`s laboratory materials.

The whole affair generated 2 dramatic headlines causing locals to mention SARS, Bomb threat, chemical threat and possible terrorist threat.

At no time after the initial call in the morning did the police etc call Chris again. He has sensitive experiments on the go concerning radioactive mud from Sellafield to name but one.

For those not aware of the all encompassing powers of the UK Prevent Strategy and the Fusion Doctrine (Yes these are actual legal powers) I would advise you to do some research if you live in the UK. Also, check out the new (from April 2014) Official Secrets Act definition called “Official Sensitive” (This stops authorities responding to Freedom of Information requests as well as many other areas where transparency is now a thing of the past in the UK. Both the UK and USA has declared cyber and real war on left wingers and right wing people not towing the line.

There is more to come on this story but I am awaiting some more information. Chris is using some new arguments to challenge the issue of health effects and cancer, are the MOD really that worried about Chris challenging their posits? In the meantime I have documented the articles on a short video and made some comment on the situation on my youtube channel (arclight2011).

Thank you for all you do Chris! Yablakov would be proud of your actions (re JA) !

Sean Arclight 12 Sept 18 The Police have raided Chris Busby home in Bideford under the excuse of helping a woman (A friend who is staying at the house).. They used that as an excuse to gain entry and then reported suspicious materials (Chris`s scientific equipment, experiments (including radioactive mud from \Sellafield.) and materials..
So, the police were in the house for 3 hours before they called in the fire brigade. They have said there is no risk to local houses..
Even though Chris is obviously on Domestic Extremist database (run by MI5), the didnt call him up to late this evening. They had talked to him earlier concerning the lady and he confirmed she was his friend.
How odd that they have not told Chris that the terrorist squad, police, fire fighting department, bomb squad and special “experts” have concerns without asking his directions on the materials in his home lab. here are the two headlines generated on devon live ;
Bomb squad in Bideford after major police incident
Major incident in Bideford as police and fire crews flood town

The Uk gov. new prevent strategy and numerous recent anti terror legislations might have Chris a bit concerned.. As it should all activists and independent scientists..

There is one more part to this.. But I will let the news come out first officially before i give my honest opinion with this developing situation.. As chris is starting to win the arguments in his court cases, i believe, A direct attack (as has been happening to him for some months now in small ways) is now under way.. the 3 hours were to search for any incriminating evidence.

Here is a link to one of the articles


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22 September – rally near Faslane naval base against nuclear weapons

Ekklesia 13th Sept 2018 , International anti-nuclear campaigners will address a major rally in
Scotland on 22 September 2018. Activists from the United States, Israel,
Russia, Iran, the Netherlands and South Korea will demand support for the
UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, as well as highlighting
the majority opposition to Trident in Scotland. The rally – called by
Scottish CND – will take place thirty miles from Glasgow at Faslane, home
to the naval base that hosts Britain’s nuclear submarines.

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European Court of Human Rights finds UK’s bulk surveillance powers to be illegal

Edward Snowden surveillance powers ruled unlawful

The UK’s bulk interception powers, exposed by the whistleblower Edward Snowden, have been found to be illegal by the European Court of Human Rights.

In a landmark judgement, the court ruled agencies had violated rights as there were no proper safeguards.

The court crucially said bulk interception was legitimate and it had seen no evidence it had been abused.

Parliament reformed surveillance powers in 2016 and introduced a new watchdog. Critics say the system is still flawed.

What were the powers being challenged in court? Continue reading

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USA – new sanctions on Chinese and Russian companies, over North Korea nuclear program

U.S. announces fresh sanctions over N.K. nuclear program,

2018/09/13 WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 (Yonhap) — The United States on Thursday sanctioned two companies in China and Russia for allegedly facilitating North Korea’s nuclear weapons program.

The Department of the Treasury also sanctioned a North Korean individual in the latest set of sanctions aimed at denuclearizing the regime.

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 JEA and the city of Jacksonville sue to get out of Georgia nuclear contract

JEA sues to get out of Georgia nuclear contract, Lawsuit filed in Florida court same day Georgia utility filed federal suit, By Steve Patrick – News4Jax digital managing editor, September 12, 2018 JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – JEA and the city of Jacksonville have filed a complaint with a Florida court asking for declaratory judgment on an agreement with the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEAG Power) agreeing to power electricity from Plant Vogtle, a nuclear power plant under construction in Georgia.

JEA entered into the power purchase agreement in 2008. The power provided under the agreement was to be from two new Plant Vogtle units that would provide power to JEA customers in addition to ratepayers across Georgia beginning in April 2016. The project was expected to cost $9.5 billion in direct costs ($14.8 billion total, including indirect and financing costs). The total cost of the portion attributable to JEA was $1.4 billion. The project cost was capped under the 2008 agreement.

Today, the project’s total cost-to-completion estimates have increased to more than $30 billion, with no guarantees that costs could grow beyond that and with a delayed completion date of November 2021.

A new unlimited cost-plus reimbursement agreement was implemented without JEA’s approval in June 2017 after the project’s initial general contractor, Westinghouse, declared bankruptcy. The amended agreement has increased JEA’s liability to more than $2.9 billion, although that amount is uncapped and has continued to rise.

The city and JEA’s complaint seeks to clarify the validity of the amended purchase power agreement. It was never approved by the Jacksonville City Council and the JEA and city lawyers believe the agreement violates the Florida Constitution, and therefore should be void and is unenforceable.

The suit was filed in an effort to protect JEA’s ratepayers from the escalating costs from the project.

“It has become clear that this purchase agreement should be considered ‘ultra vires’ since it was implemented without the approval of the City Council, which violates Florida law,” JEA Interim Managing Director Aaron Zahn said. “A favorable judgment from the court deeming the agreement void will have the added benefit of providing relief to ratepayers across northeast Florida from having to shoulder the financial burden of this project.”

The complaint was filed in the Fourth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida Tuesday, the same day that MEAG Power filed a breach of contract lawsuit against JEA in the Federal Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

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EDF has started dumping Hinkley radioactive mud, despite 100, 000 petitioners against this

Wales Online 11th Sept 2018 , EDF has confirmed it has started to dump mud from the Hinkley Point nuclear
power station in the Severn Estuary off Cardiff. The news came on the same
day that rock musician and anti-nuclear campaigner Cian Ciaran lodged
papers at the High Court seeking an injunction to stop the dumping. The
papers name NNB Generation Company (HPC) Ltd as the respondent in the
action. The firm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French energy company
EDF, which obtained a licence to carry out the dumping. More than 100,000
people have signed petitions against the dumping plans , which campaigners
say could pose health risks.

Wales Online 12th Sept 2018 , Letter: It is hard for the layman to know whether or not the assurances
about the safety of the mud from Hinkley Point can be accepted at face
value. Other issues do arise as well, however. Will the addition of this
sizeable tonnage of waste at Cardiff Grounds have any effect on the flows
of sand and mud within the Bristol Channel?

We have all seen how the opposite process – dredging – has over the years changed the nature and
shape of various beaches, usually to their detriment. Also does any income
accrue to Wales from the use of this site for the receipt of waste material
from elsewhere? This is perhaps the least we might expect given the vast
sums of money which are being made available for this project.

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Hinkley nuclear project: Court orders EDF to provide full project risk report to Central Works Council (CCE)

L’usine nouvelle 12th Sept 2018 , [Machine Translation] EDF will have to consult the CCE again on Hinkley
Point. EDF will again have to consult the Central Works Council (CCE) on
the construction of two EPR reactors as part of the Hinkley Point project
in England, the CCE announced Wednesday in a statement.
The CCE appealed to
the courts in June 2016 to request the submission of additional information
on this major project. A court of appeal was right, saying that EDF had not
communicated to staff representatives “objective, accurate and complete
information up to the technical and financial issues raised by the project
HPC” and therefore had them not allowed “to give a reasoned opinion on this
project,” writes the CCE in a statement.
The court ordered EDF to inform the staff representatives of the full project risk analysis report within
one month and asked management to consult the EAC again within two months
adds the latter.

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Hinkley nuclear deal with union – work will continue in the event of a worker death accident

Construction Enquirer 13th Sept 2018 , Construction union Unite has agreed a deal to carry on working if anyone is
killed during construction of the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant. The
Enquirer understands that construction workers were encouraged to agree to
the deal last month to protect payouts to the family of any worker who dies
on the project. It goes against standard practice to down tools on site in
the event of a fatality.

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New Jersey’s nuclear subsidy means a loss to electricity consumers

 Consumers lose in nuclear subsidy plan, North Jersey Record Sept. 12, 2018 New Jersey’s nuclear subsidy idea was a loser from the start. Legislators earlier this year bowed to Public Service Enterprise Group’s insistence on financial help from consumers to keep South Jersey nuclear plants afloat — meaning to make them more profitable — and signed off on a $300 million plan.

Of course, lawmakers told us that the money merely represented a maximum, and that a Board of Public Utilities review would determine how much assistance — if any — the plants would receive. That process began last week, and officials have been tossing around a lot of political-sounding comments about extensive scrutiny of the nuclear applications — as if awards weren’t already essentially a done deal.

In a press release, BPU President Joseph Fiordaliso said the board and its staff take their responsibilities seriously, and will determine whether subsidies are warranted. Yet legislators and the governor have already decided they are; that was the whole argument in favor of the subsidies bill, that the plants wouldn’t stay open without help, that New Jersey needs nuclear power, and that the $300 million figure was an appropriate number to put in place. The final subsidies may not hit that number on the nose, but we can certainly assume they won’t be far off.

It’s also no secret New Jersey consumers will be forced to foot the profitability bill not only for PSEG’s South Jersey plants, but also for nuclear plants in other states that contribute to the PJM Interconnection regional energy grid.

What will those states be doing to benefit us? Nothing, basically…………

environmentalists have maintained that the subsidy bill will prop up an outdated source of power at the expense of wind and solar energy, one more part of the governor’s often confusing, hopscotch approach to satisfying the state’s energy needs. Rival power companies have called the nuclear subsidy unfair to a company that reported $558 million in net income for the first three months of this year. And large power users said the subsidy would drive up costs and discourage innovation.

All of this, however, begs the question: Why couldn’t the amount of the subsidies have been determined before legislators created the pot of cash from which they will be taken? The plants aren’t losing money; they’re just not generating enough profit. PSEG won’t open its books to the public. Yet lawmakers felt compelled to announce to one and all upfront that as much as $300 million might be needed to get the job done. That taints everything moving forward………

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UK government rejects the call to guarantee funding for Moorside nuclear power project

Cumbria Crack 11th Sept 2018 , The Government has rejected a plea by Workington MP, Sue Hayman, to save
the Moorside nuclear power station project, as the developer, NuGen,
confirms the loss of 70 jobs. Sue, the co-chair of the All Party
Parliamentary Group on Nuclear Energy, wrote to the Secretary of State for
Business, Greg Clark MP, at the end of July, when NuGen announced it was
consulting on job losses, calling on him to guarantee Government support
for the project.

Mr Clark said in June that he “will consider direct Government investment” in the proposed Wylfa
nuclear power station in Wales, but he has refused to make any similar
commitment to Cumbria. In a response to Sue’s letter, energy minister
Richard Harrington MP said: “The Secretary of State and I understand the
potential importance of the Moorside project to the local area. However
(…) the proposed sale of NuGen is principally a commercial matter for
Toshiba and it would not be appropriate for me to comment on those ongoing

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Cumbria business chief in a stew over possible abandonment of £15bn Moorside nuclear project

Carlisle News & Star 12th Sept 2018 , Business chief blames Government policy for “frightening off” Moorside
investors. Cumbria Chamber of Commerce boss urges ministers to change tack
to save £15bn project. Rob Johnston, chief executive of Cumbria Chamber of
Commerce, told in-Cumbria that the Government’s use of a regulated asset
base (RAB) model to finance Moorside was a risk of killing the
transformation project. Repeating previous calls for the Government to
invest directly in Moorside to ensure it happens, he placed the blame for
the delays squarely at the door of its Nuclear Sector Deal published back
in June.

Building 12th Sept 2018 , The company behind the £10bn Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria is
cutting more than 60 of its 100 staff as its parent Toshiba continues its
struggle to sell the company. NuGen was originally a joint venture between
Toshiba and French multinational Engie but ran into trouble last year when
Toshiba’s US subsidiary Westinghouse – which had been due to supply the
nuclear reactor for Moorside – filed for bankruptcy.

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France’s aging nuclear reactors. State owned corporation EDF plans to keep them going, despite France’s phaseout policy

Mediapart 12th Sept 2018 [Machine translation] Nuclear: these signs of aging that EDF would like to
make disappear.

More than a third of French nuclear reactors undergo an
excessive demand of their circuits. EDF monitors these phenomena but does
not repair them. However, the older the plants, the more these problems

Our revelations from internal documents obtained from a
whistleblower. In collaboration with the German site Correctiv. With a
capacity of 900 megawatts (MW), the 34 oldest reactors of the park begin to
exceed their 40 th year of use and therefore to undergo the examination.

To determine the conditions, an unprecedented consultation of the public has
just opened and will last until March 2019.

In 2015, the energy transition law for green growth marked the principle of reducing the proportion of
nuclear energy to 50% by 2025. But EDF, an 85% state-owned company, refuses
this deadline and plans to close no reactor before 2029, with the exception
of those of Fessenheim (Alsace), at the time when the EPR of Flamanville
(Manche) will enter into activity.

This position of negation of a law yet voted is tacitly supported by Édouard Philippe, who has just announced
that the multiannual energy programming (EPP) , expected document end of
October, will set the goal of a reduction to 50 % of electricity of nuclear
origin around 2035

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Exhuming nuclear trash in Idaho

Fluor Idaho resumes waste retrieval, IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) 13 Sept 18,  – After revising its safety procedures, Fluor Idaho has resumed the removal of buried Cold War weapons waste at its Idaho facility.

The Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory cleanup contractor suspended buried waste exhumation at the Accelerated Retrieval Project VIII facility after an April 11 breach of storage drums. The contractor revised its exhumation and repackaging process with additional controls to avoid the risk of a similar event.

Those controls include raking and thermal monitoring of exhumed sludge waste prior to repackaging. Meanwhile, cleanup of the facility continues.

To date, crews have removed buried waste containing plutonium, solidified solvents, and uranium from a combined area of 1.54 acres of ARP VII.  The facility is 89.5 percent complete.

Waste generated during the development of atomic weapons was sent from the Rocky Flats Plant near Denver, to Idaho for buried disposal from 1954 until 1970. In 2008, the DOE, Environmental Protection Agency and state of Idaho agreed to remediate a total of 5.69 acres of buried waste and ship the material out of Idaho for permanent disposal. The overall buried waste exhumation effort remains ahead of schedule.

Once exhumation is complete in ARP VIII, work will begin in the nearby ARP IX facility to remove the last of the waste required by the 2008 agreement.

The Idaho Cleanup Project is a 5-year, $1.4 billion project funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management.

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