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Ken Raskin 14 Sept 18, There is no way to store nuclear waste safely. Uranium mine waste, can be diluted and reburied if it is done properly.  Medical isotopes, any purified radionuclide, reactor waste, enriched uranium processing byproducts, residue from factories to make plutonium more- concentrated radionuclide waste and a large variety of the most dangerous man-manmade radionuclides.  Like Hanford, WIPP,  San Onofre, any casks or Used fuel rods full of Plutonium , cesium137/134, cobalt 60, strontium 90 , uranium 235 . Fuel rods Fuel storage pools around nuclear reactors, that are very vulnerable to catching fire because of their zirconium cladding.

There are more synthetic gamma and beta emitters and strong alpha emitter-radionuclides in the environment, than they want you to know about! They generate heat, from their radioactive-nature. Many are highly chemically-reactive too. They emit beta, gamma and neutrons that will change/degrade the walls of the material, they are encased in. They can generate gases. They can catalyze exothermic reactions, with substance in around, where they are stored. They can generate combustible-explosive gases like hydrogen. The nuclearists, have gone out of their way, to  keep these things a secret for years. Dr Busby has gone out of his way to explain how many so radionuclides cannot be stored safely. Especially in the case of the Swedes wanting to use copper casks for nuclear waste

Some misinformants will say that  radioactive elements do not do, decay heat. Some do more than others, otherwise they could not be used in radiosotope thermal generators. Heat decay was noted, to cause Hanford radioactive cesium tanks to leak.

The kitty litter in wipp did not spontaneously catch fire. The plutonium helped. Oxidized plutonium is also known to be pyrogenic.There is no safe way to store radionuclides. There was a large swath of of nuclear waste, that exploded in nevada. Two large casks exploded in idaho recently. More people, awakened to the dangerous nature of  radionuclides and, how hard it is to store them. .

The Nuclear Industry and Govt, Do Not Want This Known. 

I have been to Japan. I have been to Ukraine. Many peoples eyes are wide-opened, about the radionuclide apocolypse, that we are in the midst of.

WE ARE LIVING ON THE BEACH, IN THE USA. IN JAPAN IT IS MUCH WORSE! I have LIVED IN one of the worst radionuclide cancer and poison clusters, in the world. 3 generations of families wiped-out in small communities in the United States! Not just Mayak.

Burning coal and hyrocarbons pollutes the air, water, and food with megatons of radium, polonium, thorium and protractinium annually. It is one of the prime reasons, 200 million or more americans drink radioactive water.

These natural radionuclides also come from oil and chemical refineries concentrating them and dumping them into the air and rivers. Fracking does a great deal of dirty work this way too.
Humans are living in a world of self-created radiionuclide filth and sewer!

I am a trained medical toxicologist. I saw extreme radionuclide-exposures in the forms of radiopharmaceutical overdoses and severe radionuclide-industrial accidents. Accidents with exposures to things like radioactive cesium, used in radiography equipment.
Even the experts and antinuclear advocates, are reluctant to go into, how bad things really are. I have no corporate, right-wing extremist bias or government entanglements. I have been watching Fukushima since the beginning!

I wish nuclear-shills would take a basic engineering class, or a biochemistry or cellular biology class or even a modern basic biology class and be forced to rationally explain the disparities in their presentations between their rhetoric and reality. Of course they will not because, they are paid propagandists and liars.  

There will be nothing left, unless the nuclear madness is stopped. Nothing left of life on earth because, in very small amounts radionuclides, destroy the capability of the biochemical reactions that give us life, to be possible. There will be no life Unless the continuance of the radionuclide tsunami is ended and radionuclides are   sequestered, our end will be much sooner than later. There is no way back to the good ol days..

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  1. Took 10 years of letter writing, to even get started, removing a nuclear waste pile by our town. It has to be done meticulously and cleanly because of the radionuclide material.

    Corporation that made the mess, purposely went bankrupt to avoid paying for the cleanup.100s of millions of dollars. 15 years in, half done. Does anyone seriously believe, that any of the shithead corporations that run reactors and the huge hi-level waste pools, will close them and cleanup properly? Look at what the evil fukers have done at San Onofre.

    Does anyone seriously believe, that anything other than a huge concerted, monumental, effort can properly cleanup, any one, of the 400 nasty reactors and 40 yrs of hi-level nuclear waste stored by them?

    When civilization goes down, i do not want to be alive in the radionuclide tsunami that will accompany fuel pools on fire and hundreds or thousands huge nuclear waste sites smoldering burning and or exploding. The northern hemisphere, IS SO CONTAMINATED AS IT IS. It is contaminated with the worst chemicals! It is contaminated by massive amounts of lesser radionuclides that saturate aquifers, city dumps with americium, the cities themselves, country and industrial landscapes of nucleoape civilizations.
    Perhaps it will be a quick death. Maybe a 5 day acute radiation poisoning where all of your hair falls out . Where you bleed out of every pore in your body. I would not bet on it though.

    Comment by Nick Hashimoto | September 14, 2018 | Reply

  2. I would like to quote some of this information to local officials and others. Does the author have a CV that I could use to back up the information?


    Nancy Vann

    Safe Energy Rights Group

    Nancy Vann Website:


    Twitter: @NSVann


    Comment by nsvann | September 15, 2018 | Reply

    • Ken Raskin
      Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy
      CERTIFIED in radiation Dosimetry
      PRACTISING Medical Toxicologist

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | September 17, 2018 | Reply

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