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Nuclear enthusiasts not impressed with Michael Shellenberger’s “incoherent” support for nuclear weapons

Nuclear lobbyist Michael Shellenberger, learns to love the bomb, goes down a rabbit hole, NUCLEAR MONITOR , 7 Sept 18  Author: Jim Green ‒ Nuclear Monitor editor and national nuclear campaigner with Friends of the Earth Australia, NM865.4744 [original has many footnotes and references]
Michael Shellenberger is the latest nuclear lobbyist to acknowledge systemic
connections between the civil nuclear fuel cycle and weapons proliferation.
Bizarrely, he argues that nuclear weapons are a force for peace and he
promotes worldwide weapons proliferation.
‘Almost Trumpian in its incoherence’: Critical responses to Michael
Shellenberger’s promotion of nuclear weapons proliferation
Michael Shellenberger’s promotion of nuclear weapons proliferation has
attracted little or no support from nuclear enthusiasts but a good deal of
Environmental Progress attorney Frank Jablonski argues that
Shellenberger “seems to presume that if the nuclear non-proliferation
framework is eliminated, nuclear capabilities will be quickly equalized
through some kind of dystopian Oprah episode in which “YOU get a
weapon, YOU get a weapon, EVERYBODY gets a weapon!!!”. The resulting
equalization of capabilities will lead to peace, kind of in the vein of the NRA
slogan that “an armed (international) society is a polite society”…..

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