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If Democrats take over Congress in November, there’ll be cuts to USA’s nuclear weapons spending

Cuts to nuclear spending and special ops oversight: Expectations for new congressional leadership

September 6, 2018 - Posted by | business and costs, politics, weapons and war

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  1. Great Article!
    Meanwhile Trump is destroying everything of the public benefit in mureca. Him and his racist bastard pushers are corrupt assclowns Orders in nuclear weapons manufacturing and extraction industries are way up! Meanwhile the kochs and fuko the clownites are out to destroy renewables and what is left of legitimate aspects of the Murican economy and protections–Outsourcing_Privatization_Propaganda_Suicide-180906-962.html–Outsourcing_Privatization_Propaganda_Suicide-180906-962.html Me on Twitter Message Rick Staggenborg, MD
    Rick Staggenborg, MD ((# of views))
    At: /rickstaggenborgmd
    (You, too, can get a special OpEdNews URL. With membership. Click here.)

    Volunteer a little time and make a big difference

    I am a former Army and VA psychiatrist who ran for the US Senate in 2010 on a campaign based on a pledge to introduce a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate personhood.

    Now that the general public is beginning to understand the importance of the issue,I am devoting much of my time to get political activists to understand that the only way to reach their goals is to establish representative democracy in the US. This will require a constiutitional amendment banning corporate campaign expenditures and limiting amounts rich individuals can spend to influence elections.

    I am convinced that the only way to do this is to make support for such an amendment a campaign issue. That way, we can easily see who wants to get in Congress to represent We the People and who want to serve our interests over those of corporations who currently control the US government.

    I believe that it is possible to end war if we can prove that democracy is possible. Unless we can awaken enough Americans to the fact that their government is pursuing an agenda of corporate imperialism that will enslave them along with the rest of the world if not reclaimed by We the People, we will leave our children with a legacy of pain for which we cannot be forgiven.

    Ultimately, endless war is a symptom of a disease that will destroy human civilization if not eradicated. There is no “us” vs “them.” Our fates are intertwined. None of us gets out alive. The question is, how will we have lived?

    Comment by John WINBORNE | September 7, 2018 | Reply

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