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Tropical storms pose danger to America’s nuclear power stations

Tropical Storm Gordon Warning For US Gulf Coast: Reminder Of The Dangers Of Mixing Severe Weather With Nuclear Power; Another Tropical Storm In Atlantic , Mining Awareness, 4 Sept 18 
It’s that time again. Time for tropical storms and hurricanes, and time to remember the increased dangers of nuclear power stations (orange skulls on map) during severe weather, which can lead to power outages and power surges, as well as storm surges, flooding and more.

Nuclear power stations are dangerous and unreliable electricity sources in extreme weather. One of the most dangerous, and often ignored, things about nuclear energy is that nuclear power stations always have need for backup energy supplies for cooling of the nuclear reactors, and spent fuel pools, as dramatically demonstrated by the never-ending Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. If they lose offsite power, then they are dependent upon backup generators, which can fail to start, fail once started or run out of fuel. In Louisiana, a thunderstorm led to a scram at River Bend Nuclear Power Station due to a power surge, followed by a loss of cooling, supposedly the next day. Loss of cooling can lead to a nuclear meltdown, if not corrected quickly enough.
Waterford Nuclear Power Station is near New Orleans going toward Baton Rouge and River Bend Nuclear Power Station is near Baton Rouge)………

September 5, 2018 - Posted by | safety, USA

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