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Nuclear power- detrimental to UK now, and to future generations

Power technology 3rd Sept 2018 Nuclear power is high on the agenda for the UK Government, with a spate of projects planned in the coming years. But just how beneficial will it be to
the country?

Industry experts offer their views. Dr Ian Fairlie, member of
the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s National Council “The reality is
that we don’t need new nuclear. As many studies indicate, renewables will
do the job. “The economics of nuclear are dire, with the cost of
renewables steadily falling whereas those of new nuclear are always rising.

Hinkley C would cost over £21bn if it were ever finished, while new
offshore wind turbines are already supplying electricity at less than half
the estimated cost of electricity of the mooted Hinkley C station if it
were ever built.

“Some nuclear proponents think that nuclear is the
answer to climate change. But nuclear lifecycle analyses prove the
contrary, as uranium mining and milling are highly carbon-intensive.

“Additionally, even after 50 years’ research, no government has found a
sure-fire way of keeping nuclear’s dangerous waste safe for hundreds of
thousands of years.

Finally, there is the incontrovertible evidence in over
40 studies of raised levels of childhood leukemia near nuclear reactors
worldwide. “We don’t need nuclear. It’s unsafe, uneconomic, and it
creates dangerous waste. Much better alternatives are already here. Nuclear
can hardly be said to be a benefit to the UK, more like a serious detriment
to us and to future generations.”


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