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News media keep the lies going on the “harmlessness” of ionising radiation

Ken Raskin, 3 Sept 18, I see at enenews the code (code  and the other trolls) continue to keep the health physics and background radiation, harbingers and lies going.
It is all such nonsense. If you breathe or ingest any radionuclides, you might be screwed.  If a nuclear- radiation, detector is going off, there is too much radionuclides in the soil and it is getting in the air.

It only takes 100 billionths of a gram of cesium 137 or radioactive iodine to biocummulate and kill u.  They are teratogenic.

Fukushima spewed hundreds of tons of uranium, plutonium, and radioactice isotopes like cesium 137 into the environment. A fuel pool caught fire too. Cobalt 60, cesium134/137, strontium 90, plutonium and many more of the worst radionuclides are omnipresent in northern Japanese soil, water, food air.  Typical health physics nonsense. It is used as misinformation, lies, propaganda to distract from the real problem: any radionuclides in the environment.

The k40 obsession is misdirection too. It shows the psyops nature of the arguments and meme generating propaganda. Inet has a lot of manipulative mind-games.


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