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In less than 20 years – signs of nuclear waste cask breakdown!

Paul Richards 17 Aug 18 ‘The San Onofre’ transport/storage cask, was, and remain placed next to the ocean, in a high-risk area for a Tsunami.  In a state that has over 75% of the seismic activity in North America, within close proximity of the well-known earthquake fault line in California.

The citizens of Orange, & San Diego County along with Los Angeles were assured these casks were guaranteed for a hundred years.  As opposed to the many thousands of years needed in guarantee for future generations, yet there were and still are signs of cask breakdown in under twenty years.

Let that sink in, U N D E R  2 0  Y E A R S.

It was the typical, nuclear industry message when this plant was phased out as economically and environmentally unviable, demonstrating the nuclear energy experiment had failed:

“Trust us, we know best, these casks are world best practice…”

What are the probabilities after over 70 years of using the same line of logic others in the Nuclear State have;

* that this industry has solved its spent nuclear fuel cask containment problem, or ever will?

Even without going into the long-term storage issues, of a final dump site, as a repository for the indefinite cost of backdoor waste, the IAEA acknowledges has no solution;  the whole concept of nuclear energy looks far more trouble, in terms of cost, wasted development and risk to life on earth be relied on.

However, that’s subjective, to whether an individual or group actually considers emerging and future generations life of value.

A premise where a win at all cost, tailors into the mantra of efficiencies, and ROI – profit, for senior executives, shareholders, stakeholders, and financiers, is put before ‘social responsibility’.

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  1. Dr. Busby posited,  the danger of any cask storage. High level waste would create hyrdogen gas. Even the most robust casks are not safe.

    Comment by Ken | August 18, 2018 | Reply

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