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Artificial intelligence could increase nuclear war threat

How artificial intelligence could increase nuclear war threat, according to RAND  by Joe Douglass, KATU News  1 June 18 “…..KATU talked with Andrew Lohn, an engineer for the RAND corporation recently bout a new study he co-authored.

“This study is: How might artificial intelligence affect the risk of nuclear war?” said Lohn. “We’re trying to look at it not from the way that pop fiction has looked at it over the decades where artificial intelligence gets control of the nuclear weapons and can launch them at will. But more about how, how could technologies that are a little bit more feasible in the near-ish term affect the way that humans perceive the risks or balances and cause them to make dangerous or improper decisions.”

For input, Lohn said RAND talked with top experts in the nuclear weapons and AI industries on the condition of anonymity.

…….Lohn said over the next couple of decades experts could see a path where AI might also be competitive in war gaming scenarios.

“And in that case generals or presidents would have to think, ‘Well, what do our main advisers say, what does the secretary of defense say?'” he said. “And then ask, ‘What does the computer say?’ And they might be influenced to making decisions that the computer suggests even without the computer being directly connected to any of the launchers.”

The other risk factor: Information overload from technology that may be able to take in and analyze a huge amount of data about an enemy’s arsenal.

“It can potentially be destabilizing if you know where all of your enemy’s launchers are,” Lohn said. “Or even if you don’t know where they are but they think that you know where all of their launchers are they might be pressured into a scenario where they think they’re in a use-it-or-lose-it situation.”

Or, Lohn said, if they think there’s an imminent attack, they could be pressured to “fire now” instead of waiting for confirmation…….



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