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The week to 19 May in nuclear and climate news

International politics teeters about over the Iran nuclear deal. Plans falter for nuclear summit meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un. Trump will “decimate” North Korea unless Kim agrees to denuclearise the Korean peninsula.

Pro nuclear propaganda becomes more sophisticated and subtle. National Geographic now a stooge for the International “New Nukes”lobby

Scientists warn that worst-case climate change scenario could be more extreme than previously thought.  Climate change is heading for a major wipeout of the world’s insect species.

Facing the increasing threat of nuclear war.

Global 2 degrees C rise doubles population exposed to multiple climate risks compared to 1.5 degrees C  UN climate talks suspended until September.

Clean energy investment is headed for beating fossil fuels and nuclear.

INDIA. India’s dust storms intensified by climate change.

NORTH KOREA. In nuclear talks, Kim Jong Un fears risking the same fate as Muammar Gaddafi of Libya. Trump’s planned summit meeting with Kim Jong Un in doubt.  North Korea threatens to cancel US summit over military drills.    North Korea promises ‘total ban’ on nuclear tests: satellite photos show removal work at its test site.  Grave danger in hasty methods of closing down North Korea’s nuclear test site.  After closing test site, North Korea could later still resume nuclear bomb tests. North Korea ‘will never fully give up nuclear weapons’.

IRAN. Iran to negotiate with world powers to keep nuclear deal in place.

PACIFIC ISLANDS. New reports on humanitarian and environmental impacts of nuclear bomb testing in the Pacific.



FRANCE.  Trial of French activists who entered Cruas nuclear plant to demonstrate vulnerability of spent fuel storage pools Electricite de France (EDF) is lying about renewable energy: it’s really dedicated to nuclear power.

RUSSIA. Greenpeace demands strict safety controls on floating nuclear reactor in the Arctic.  Russia’s state nuclear corporation Rosatom trying to market nuclear power to Chile, China, Cuba, Finland, Hungary, Iran, Italy, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain and Zambia.

JAPAN. Japan’s planned Olympics torch relay route found to have high levels of radiation.   ¥1.13 trillion of taxpayers’ money later, Japan’s Monju nuclear reprocessing reactor a spectacular failure.   Despite costs, safety concerns, waste problem – Japan sets ambitious nuclear energy targets.    Japan’s nuclear regulator reviewing Rokkasho nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.  “When they called me a ‘germ’ I wanted to die”.

UKRAINE. Timothy Mousseau to lead research into radiation in Chernobyl dogs. A personal experience of Chernobyl nuclear radiation.

SOUTH AFRICA. The business case for nuclear power – Oh – it’s NOT GOOD. South Africa’s Energy Minister goes very quiet about nuclear power, at African Utility Week.

FINLAND. New problem is troubling Finland’s Olkiluoto 3 nuclear project.

SAUDI ARABIA. Saudi Arabia is seeking to enrich its own uranium.

CANADA. NDP and Greens call for closure of Pickering Nuclear Station in August.

AFRICA. Solar power is ideal for African countries – nuclear power just doesn’t make sense there.

BULGARIA. Bulgaria’s struggle to find the money for building Belene nuclear power project.


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  1. There is enough chemical, nuclear, methane, co2 pollution to do god knows what to the atmosphere now. RADIOACTIVE KRYPTON FROM MELTDOWNS AND BOMBS HAS CHANGED THE ATMOSPHERE. Tritium from reactors has similar effects. The climate denialists come along, and sayTrumpo is better than obama, my bs meter goes off. They both suck.

    To refine oil all sorts of heavy metal and radioactive byproducts are left. Refined gasoline has radium, polonium, and thorium in it. The rest of the radioactive sludge , heavy metal sludge, goes back into the environment. It also has lead and arsenic. To cornucopian conmen like trump, it is alright to have islands of plastic garbage, three times the size of france, in the oceans. Its alright to burn hyrdrocarbons till 300 million americans are drinking radioactive, heavy metal water. It is ok to keep burning shit, till people cannot breath anymore, and everything is so contaminated, you cannot grow anything anymore.
    The poles are melting, ocean levels rising. I have been to the artic and seen it with my own eyes! That doesn’t matter though, that is according to trump nuts, because, its not what is says on the internet. Trump troll, climate denialist now use the twisted arguement, that geoengimeering has stopped climate changes. All the bells and whistles. All the innuendos of petroleum shills and climate liars. The whole sky, would have to be covered with chemtrail grids constantly for geoengineering to be real. For the trumptroll, petro shills any twisted arguements will do.

    We are on the edge of doom economically from our criminal corporations, criminal politicians like trump, and environmental collapse.

    We cannot see how tenuous , the rotting financial, social and political system is. It is on the eve of implosion.

    The signs collapse are here in murica. Rotting infrastructure. Real chronic underemployment and unemployment in the usa according to craig roberts and hudson is 26%.

    There are the unprovoked murderous killingsby police; there is total, political disease stilting everything.

    There are ugly mass shootings by worshipers of trumps white nationalism and suppposed christians. The christians are supporting trump and netanyahus genocide of palestinians. 500 million given by the chinese to trump for his east asian resort!
    Mass shootings at schools, universities, workplaces, malls, concert venues and movie theaters.

    There is an epidemic of suicides in murica. Our coutry is collapsing under the weight of its military , like the old soviet union and the environmental costs of the nuclear bombs, nuclear ships, nuclear everything is further makin murica an irretrievable radioactive mess.

    Key investments in renewable witheld from madman trump while coal, and uranium and nuclear power marches on!

    A casino capitalist mess is trumps answer. No fixing of anything. Horrible corruption by a small group of criminals, trump is and has put in. 200 million muricans drink radioactive water. Fuko the clown and pruitt have just allowed it to be a thousand times more radioactive!

    We now have open censorship.

    We have the blatant destruction of the commons
    Institutions like schools, libraries to courts and medical facilities

    Comment by Ken | May 21, 2018 | Reply

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