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Solar power is ideal for African countries – nuclear power just doesn’t make sense there

Why nuclear power for African countries doesn’t make sense: The Conversation 15th May 2018 

Over the last  few years reports have surfaced of a range of African countries planning
nuclear power plants. At the moment, the only nuclear plant in operation in
Africa is South Africa’s Koeberg, producing 1.86GW of power. This,
according to some African leaders, is about to change.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni recently made the astonishing statement that his country is
planning 30GW of nuclear power by 2026. That equates to 16 times the
current total of nuclear energy on the entire African continent.

Uganda’s is only one of a number of countries interested in nuclear power.
Russia’s nuclear agency Rosatom has boasted that it’s concluded nuclear
power memoranda of understanding with Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Sudan and
Zambia. Uganda is also on the list. Most African countries suffer from
severe electricity shortages. The majority need to double their generating
capacity to meet current needs.

According to International Energy Agency
figures, Kenya, Sudan and Zambia are primarily dependent on hydroelectric
power. A 2.4GW nuclear plant would double their electricity production.
Nigeria’s dominant energy source is gas, and here it would take a 4.8GW
nuclear plant to double its capacity.

Many countries, including Egypt and Kenya, enjoy ample sunshine, making them ideal for solar power generation.
With the right incentives, these could drive an African energy generation


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