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Clean energy investment is headed for beating fossil fuels and nuclear

Renewables Investment Nudges Out Fossil Fuel And Nuclear, Forbes, May 15, 2018, The global clean energy transition is gaining pace as it becomes a mainstream investment option.

The global clean energy transition is gaining pace as it becomes a mainstream investment option. According to the latest research from CERES on progress to a ‘Clean Trillion’ it is also one that far outstripped fossil fuels and nuclear in 2017.

In 2017 the clean energy industry reached a critical turning point. Growth and cost reductions across the sector have far outperformed expectations based on policy frameworks alone.  Dramatic reductions in cost, increases in scale, and technology improvements have fundamentally changed the dynamics of the clean energy market. Energy market

dynamics have shifted in favor of clean energy technologies such as wind and solar, which increasingly out-compete new fossil fuel and nuclear power sources.

Within In Sight of the Clean Trillion: Update on an Expanding Landscape of Investor Opportunities, Ceres says that what it calls the ‘Clean Trillion’ – the goal of an additional $1 trillion investment in clean energy per year through 2050 – is increasingly feasible as the market matures.

……..Overall, the combination of lower cost, lower regulatory risks, improved technology and rapid growth and uptake of clean energy creates a very different clean energy investment future and significant, scaled investment opportunities as compared to what we have historically seen. Fulton says, ‘We see a pathway to a post-subsidy world as clean energy increasingly out-competes fossil fuels and nuclear power’.For forward thinking investors, it seems as if fossil fuel weighting in investment portfolios is due another look.


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