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Bernie Sanders says – America headed for war – as Trump ends the Iran nuclear deal

By ending the Iran deal, Trump has put America on the path to war, GuardianBernie Sanders  13 May 18 We need to try to talk with Iran’s government, seek a better relationship with the Iranian people, and a more constructive role for Iran in the region.

Last week, Donald Trump made one of the most reckless moves of his presidency: withdrawing from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action(JCPOA), also known as the Iran nuclear agreement. With this decision, the president discarded years of hard work by our diplomats, who had obtained an extremely rigorous set of restrictions and inspections guaranteeing that Iran would not obtain a nuclear weapon. He also slammed the door on a once-promising possibility of detente between the US and Iran.

It’s important to understand that the JCPOA is not just an agreement between the US and Iran, but one negotiated alongside our partners in the P5+1 – the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany – and endorsed by the United Nations security council. Trump’s withdrawal further deepens tensions with our most important democratic allies, France, the UK and Germany, who all continue to support the agreement and have consistently said that it is in their own national security interests to see it upheld.

Trump also rejected the advice of his own top national security officials like the joint chiefs chairman, Gen Joseph Dunford, and defense secretary, James Mattis, both of whom have repeatedly stated that staying in the agreement is in the national security interests of the US. Nuclear non-proliferation and national security professionals around the world share that assessment. Just as he has done on the issue of climate change with his withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, Trump has chosen to ignore the overwhelming expert consensus and sided instead with a small ideological faction, with disastrous consequences for our global security.

Withdrawing from the JCPOA also seriously harms the US’s ability to negotiate future non-proliferation agreements, such as one with North Korea. Why would any country in the world sign such an agreement with the US and make the tough concessions that any such agreement requires if they thought that a reckless president might simply discard that agreement a few years later? ……..

It is folly to imagine that, having unleashed these problems through the misuse of military force, we can solve them in the same way. Yet President Trump’s bellicose speech last week clearly seemed to shift American policy toward the same goal of regime change that underlay the Iraq war. Real American leadership, and real American power, is not shown by our ability to blow things up, but by our ability to bring parties together, to forge international consensus around shared problems, and then to mobilize that consensus to address those problems. That is what the JCPOA did. Unfortunately, President Trump has now chosen to put us on a very different, more dangerous path.


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  1. Baby Boomers have a ticking time bomb, going on. It is not what you think. 

    There is a ticking-time bomb going on, inside the baby boomers born from 1954 to 1963. 

    They had the hell irradiated, out of them, in their mothers wombs, during the open-air nuclear bomb, tests of that time. There was a huge increase, in autism during that period, and now their descendants are getting it. Autism is doubling every five years.
    That was from the open air testing all over the globe, and meltdowns in that time. 

    One cannot, necessarily see radionuclide fallout. There is the pink glow at fukushima now. Our dna knows, our chromosones know, our rna, and fragile cell structures in our body know, our damaged stem-cells know! The already damaged baby-boomers, born in the 50s and early 60s, will get sick first from the mega-irradiation and radionuclide fallout, of another major meltdown, post fukushima, and or a fuel pool fire, in the continental USA. The average life expectancy for late baby boomers, gen xers, and beyond, has gone down from previous generations, from 75 to 65. We are at the cusp of danger for another major nuclear-accident in america. Silicon valley billionaies do not care. Trump-wing nut rascist-preppers do not care! It fits into, their ignorant, irration fantasies!

    A major nuclear accident, and or fuel-fire in america, will effect the open-air bomb irradited , late baby boomers profoundly
    Many already have chronic illness. Their immune systems will go, their already damaged bone marrow will fail. Their bodies repair mechanisms. and feed-back systems, will completely fail.

    Important cancer cell elimination mechanisms, in their bodies will be gone, from the damage of a second major irradiation. Any heart defects or, organ malfunction will be amplified a thousand times. Awful stuff. Cancer rates will soar higher. Thyroid, dysfunction and cancer cases from radioactive idodine will incresse exponentially. Lung cancer sky hi, unprecedented leukemia. Acute radiation sickness for those closest to the nuclear meltdown will occur. It is coming. It is coming soon. Nobody cares 

    The silicon valley, billionaire-preppers. The rightwing preppers want society to fall apart, to appease their bigotry, and elitism.  They want to destroy public education!  The middle class. The post office! 80% of of americans live paycheck to paycheck in the economy they have created! Many more unemployed, than they claim!
    10 million homeless! Many elderly and children in the streets. Most of these clowns got their money from the government’s creation of the internet, and or the military industrial complex, through continuous corporate welfare. They sneeringly, call public education, national parks, public libraries, any safety net, The Welfare State!  

    They say they will do everthing and anything to bring it down! They hate democracy. They worked hard, to get Trump elected!  The disruption, raping of america now, by trump will lead to chaos.  Trump just got 500 million dollars for one of his towers, for bailing out the XTE smart phone company, in CHINA.

    The full chaos, the silicon billionaires and other  ideological preppers crave,
    has many more ramificactions, than they realize. They consider themselves the aristocracy. They believe in neo-feudalism, and many of them pride their white nationalism.  Many defend extremest violence or chaos to get what they want. 

    When the boot drops and a big meltdown and or fuel fire occurs in a rickety, american nuclear-reactor, the first to go will be qlready, radionuclide damaged, baby-boomers, whose stems cells were irradiated in-utero.

    People do not think acout dangerours-radionuclide safety and security much. Nuclear reactors, nuclear waste repositories, nuclear and radionuclide storage facilities, medical radionuclide storage, nuclear weapon facilities, nuclear reactors, nuclear reactor fuel pools. They all require constant maintenance, observation, guarding, security, labor and engineering staff. Especially nuclear reactors.

    What silicon valley preppers, trumpian extremists, rascists, and the other ayn rand ideologues, who hate democracy, and working poor forget, is this. All those nuclear reactors, nuclear fuel pools, all the nuclear waste and nuclear bombs, will totally contaminate the biosphere, and make it uninhabitable once their caretakers are gone. It will happen as the neofeudal ideologues, unravel society.
    This will occur as society descends into chaos and civil war. Hard to imagine how any person or group of people could be so selfabsorbed and irrational
    But they are! 

    This is the real reason silicon valley billionaires and, other ayn rand neofeudalist, are prepping for the future

    Comment by Ken | May 16, 2018 | Reply

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