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Nuclear socialism: Trump administration may use cold-war era law to fund nuclear and coal industries

DOE looking ‘very closely’ at Cold War-era law to boost coal, nuclear production, The Hill, 


May 12, 2018 - Posted by | politics, USA

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  1. Blankenship, the coal executive-felon, who was covicted of killing 26 coal miners, in west virginia, just lost his bid for congress. Yes things are bad, but psychotic menness, the vehicle that helped put trump into office, does not seem to be working as well any more.  Nuclear is insanely expensive and dangerous. It is sad becaise there will probably be another nuclear accident soon. Perhaps it will derail, this insane cown posse of trump and perry for nuclear. 

    In the meantime, America is in a deep mess. Americas economy and environment are falling apart. Keeping old dangerous nucs open, will surely make it worse. 

    The billionaire oligarchs are having a harder time of it, for sure!

    Phil knight has to take alternate routes to his skyskraper in Portland now. He does it, to avoid all the homeless in portland now .
    Most people will not be able, to afford nikes soon, in Second Great Depression america. It is ironic.

    Our environment is almost ruined too, as Steve Jobs learned from his pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs probably got pancreatic cancer, at a young such a young age, from plutonium from lawrence livermore radiation and atomic laboratory in the bay area, and or depleted uranium muitions ranges by sf, and or nuclear waste dumped in the bay in th 70s, and or toxic chemicals, in water from intel computer chip making in the bay area for 40 years.

    Steve Jobs,had to take alternative routes to work, to dodge homeless, in the bay area in his final days. It is ironic.

    There is aspergers victim, Bill Gates. Bill Gates was in his mothers womb, at the height of open air nuclear testing, from 1953 to 1963. There were also the many accidents at hanford. There is growing evidence, of links of autism with radionuclide pollution. AUTISM is growing fast in america now doubling every 5 years! It started growin precipitously in america in the 50s, with the advent of the atomic age! Nuclear reactors, bombs and nuclear waste. A couple of Bill Gate’s kids are autistic.
    Bill gates got 200 million from congress, for his evil terrapowerMininuclear reactors scheme. Mininuclear reactors have been tried in america for 75 years. All have melted down. All create nuclear waste. All are huge radionuclide harards!
    Bill Gates is trying to pawn Small Modular Reactors on china. The chinese will probably not go for it. They are becoming more green

    Bill gate’s software sucks but, they still use it in electronic voting machines.
    Maybe microsoft, will get a kick from war with iran! I am sure other oligarchs, are counting on it! Gates probably goes out of his way not to see the homeless, in bellevue, that were not there 10 years ago, or the homeless seattle, that are getting worse.

    Ironic is it not?

    Maybe that is why Buffet lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, although there are scads of homeless there now too. Easier to dodge though.

    Things will have to change soon, because the environment and economy is collapsing in america.

    The Teachers in America know what it is! They know, that the housing collapse, that sucked 40% of the wealth out of America and, created a 20 trillion dollar national debt leading to a full-blown rentier economy is not a continued great recession! An economy where wages have been stagnant for 40 years, while rents and housing costs have doubled and tripled. 10 million homless. ONE PERCEN (1 % )owning 50% of the country, is not a recession. IT IS A GREAT DEPRESSION!

    Our economy and environment are becoming dangerously unstable and crazy perry wants to invest more in nuclear and coal. Hopefully people, will wake-up before it is too late!

    Comment by Gloria | May 12, 2018 | Reply

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